46.The way the teacher collects homework assignments during class time : 1200586

46.The way the teacher collects homework assignments during class time : 1200586.


46.The way the teacher collects homework assignments during class time would best be described as:

a.a rule.

b.assertive discipline.

c.a procedure.

d.conditional knowledge


47.Which of the following statements best describes the difference between classroom procedures and classroom rules?

a.Students are often reinforced for following classroom rules, but they aren’t reinforced for following classroom procedures.

b.Classroom procedures describe acceptable behaviors, whereas classroom rules describe unacceptable behaviors.

c.Classroom procedures describe routines to be followed, whereas classroom rules describe standards for acceptable behavior.

d.Classroom procedures focus on a management approach to developing an orderly classroom, whereas classroom rules focus on a discipline approach to developing an orderly classroom.






48.Which of the following statements is most accurate according to research examining classroom rules?

a.Rules are unnecessary if teachers are caring and effective.

b.Rules are important for low achievers but they are generally unnecessary for high achievers.

c.Rules are important for creating an orderly classroom environment.

d.Rules are necessary in classes that focus on basic skills but are not in classes that focus on higher-order thinking.


49.Providing rationales for rules and procedures is essential. Which of the following best describes the reason for providing rationales?

a.Providing rationales suggests that the world is an orderly place that makes sense.

b.Students are likely to refuse to obey rules if teachers don’t give them reasons for the rules being important.

c.Rules provide observable measures, which allow compliance with them to be reinforced.

d.Rationales for rules contribute to student problem solving, which is an important part of social development.


50.  Which of the following is the most accurate description of the need for monitoring classroom rules?

a.Rules don’t need to be monitored if they are carefully taught at the beginning of the year.

b.Procedures need to be monitored to be sure they’re followed by the students, but monitoring rules is less important.

c.Rules need to be monitored in classes of low-achieving students, but they don’t need to be monitored in classes of high-achieving students.

d.Rules must be carefully monitored and discussed throughout the school year for all students.


51.Amy Carlson is a beginning fifth-grade teacher and wants to maximize student attention by modifying the seating arrangement in her class.  According to research, which of the following is the best decision?

a.Leave the seats in rows for most instruction.  Have them form a circle for discussions.

b.Arrange students in families based upon their achievement level.

c.Consider the physical environment and number of students, and then experiment to see what works best for everyone.

d.Allow the students to give the names of three other students that they would like to work with, and structure groups on that basis.


52.Without any announcement from the teacher, students come into class, take their seats, take out their workbooks, and begin working exercises written on the chalkboard. The aspect of classroom management illustrated in this description is best described as:

a.effective use of classroom rules.

b.effective use of classroom procedures.

c.ineffective use of a structured environment.

d.an application of classical conditioning.


53.Students finish a worksheet in Mrs. Wood’s class while she is working with a reading group.  When individuals are finished, they get up from their desks and deposit the worksheet in a folder at the front of the room. Mrs. Wood continues working with the reading group without saying anything to the students doing the worksheet.  This process best illustrates which of the following?

a.a classroom procedure

b.a classroom rule

c.assertive discipline

d.teacher organization




54.Three of the following statements are guidelines for physically arranging an elementary classroom. Which one is not a guideline for physically arranging an elementary classroom?

a.Be sure you can see all your students.

b.Be sure the students can see the board, overhead, and other displays.

c.Make sure that students can easily access commonly used materials without disrupting their classmates.

d. Be sure students are seated next to peers with whom they want to work in groups.


55. Which of the following best describes the results of research that has examined the physical arrangement of middle and secondary classrooms?

a.Traditional arrangement of desks in rows is most effective for maintaining an orderly classroom environment.

b.A semicircle facing the teacher is the most effective for maintaining an orderly classroom environment.

c.Seating students who work together on groups near each other is most effective for maintaining an orderly classroom environment.

d.No one physical environment is necessarily superior to any other in middle and secondary classrooms.




46.The way the teacher collects homework assignments during class time : 1200586

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