47.Tanya 16 and learning word processing in a class in : 1200645

47.Tanya 16 and learning word processing in a class in : 1200645.


47.Tanya is 16 and is learning word processing in a class in her high school. In Piagetian terms the best description of her ability to use the word processor would be called:

a.a concrete operational stage of development.

b.  a formal operational stage of development.

c.  maturation.

d.  a type of scheme.

48.Tanya was using the Mac, and the school switched to the Windows operating system. She commented that it was really different, and much of what she did before had different commands, but she has now made the switch to Windows successfully. After Tanya changed her thinking, which of the following is the most accurate statement?

a.Tanya developed through the process of maturation.

b.Tanya learned through a form of social experience.

c. Tanya adapted through the process of assimilation.

d.Tanya adapted through the process of accommodation.

49.Tanya was used to using Word, and she did some work for her brother Mike, who was using WordPerfect. Tanya was quickly able to use WordPerfect for Windows with little difficulty, since many of the commands for it were the same as the commands for Word. Tanya’s ability to use WordPerfect best illustrates:

a.development through the process of maturation.

b.  learning through a form of social experience.

c.  adapting through the process of assimilation.

d.  adapting through the process of accommodation.

50.Teachers often comment that they can easily tell which students in their classes have had parents who have worked with them, in comparison with other students whose parents have been less involved.  Of the following, the Piagetian concept most closely related to this description is:





51.People sometimes argue that students shouldn’t take education courses as undergraduates, because they aren’t “meaningful.”  Colleges of education have responded to this criticism by providing field experiences for the undergraduates.  This can be viewed as a step in the process of developing preservice teachers’ abilities to teach.  Of the following, the best explanation for the value of field experience according to Piaget would be that it:

a.helps preservice teachers begin to deal with abstract concepts.

b.provides a form of concrete experience for the abstract concepts preservice teachers must understand.

c.enhances preservice teachers’ maturation.

d.provides the necessary social interaction to improve preservice teachers’ communication skills.

52.We don’t try to teach algebra to second graders.  Based on Piagetian theory, which of the following best explains why we don’t?

a.Experience:  Second graders are qualitatively capable of dealing with algebra, but lack the prerequisite experiences.

b.Maturation:  Students’ thinking isn’t mature enough to cope with the abstraction in algebra.

c.Symbolism:  Second graders have not yet developed symbolic thought.

d.Initiative:  Second graders typically lack the initiative to study a topic such as algebra.

53.Piaget’s theory suggests that children are totally egocentric when they’re born and their egocentricity gradually declines as they develop.  Of the following, the factor most influential in helping to reduce egocentricity would most likely be:

a.social interaction.

b.experience with the physical world.



54.In the children’s story Bambi, Thumper the rabbit is teaching Bambi about the forest, and Bambi has learned about flowers.

They then encounter the skunk.  “Flower,” Bambi says, because the skunk somehow reminds him of a flower.

“No, Bambi,” Thumper laughs, “Skunk.”

“Flower!” Bambi insists.

The Piagetian concept that most closely relates to Bambi’s reaction is:





55.Which of the following best illustrates qualitative differences in thinking?

a.Dennis used to be able to solve only one algebraic equation but can now solve two simultaneous algebraic equations.

b.Jennifer used to think that food disappeared when we ate it but now knows that our body changes it through digestion.

c.Ann used to be able to find the longitude and latitude of points only on a plane map, but she now can find longitudes and latitudes on a globe.

d.Al knows that force is a push or a pull, so he now concludes that magnets exert a force on some metal objects even though the magnet isn’t touching the object.

56.Charles is shown two rows of coins having the same number of coins in each. He concludes that the rows have the same numbers of coins.  The coins in the second row are then spread apart as Charles watches.  Charles then concludes that there are more coins in the second row.  Which of the following Piagetian concepts does Charles’ behavior best illustrate?







47.Tanya 16 and learning word processing in a class in : 1200645

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