49.Conceptual change most consistent with which of the following theorist’s : 1200726

49.Conceptual change most consistent with which of the following theorist’s : 1200726.


49.Conceptual change is most consistent with which of the following theorist’s explanations?

a.Skinner’s view that learning is determined by the consequence of behavior

b.Gagné’s view that scripted teacher behaviors lead to effective concept learning

c.Piaget’s view of disequilibrium, accommodation, and assimilation.

d.Ausubel’s view that organized bodies of knowledge should be systematically taught


50.Which of the following is not one of the three types of questions that facilitate conceptual change according to your text?

a.Questions that ask learners to express their achievement motivations

b.Questions that ask students to apply revised thinking to new situations

c.Questions that review existing conceptions

d.Questions that challenge existing conceptions


51.Conceptual change is grounded in characteristics of:

a.humanistic views of learning.

b.constructivist views of learning.

c.behavioral views of learning.

d.social cognitive views of learning.


52.Karen believes in the “gambler’s fallacy.”  This is the erroneous belief that if you flip a coin, for instance, and get five heads in a row, you then have a greater than 50% chance to get a tail on the next flip of the coin.  The best way to modify this misconception is to:

a.provide Karen with more instruction about the laws of probability.

b.tell Karen that there is an independent chance to get a head or a tail each flip.

c.give Karen a coin and some recording paper and flip coins to collect data.

d.tell Karen she holds a misconception and some time she may be ready to remedy her knowledge.


53. Your travel partner Peg holds the belief that she is more likely to be in an airplane accident than a car accident.  You would like to change this misconception, so you decide to ask her some questions.  You provide and examine statistics on both plane and car accidents.  You ask her to examine probabilities of each and ask her questions about her thinking. The type of questions you are posing to Peg to facilitate conceptual change are best described as:

a.questions that challenge existing conceptions.

b.questions that promote metacognition.

c.questions that illustrate application of prior knowledge.

d.questions that require logical reasoning.


54. Katrina, a second grader, believes that 1/4 is a larger quantity than 1/3, and you believe it is probably because 4 is larger than 3. Of the following, which is the most effective way to help her eliminate this misconception?

a.Explain that the numbers are in the denominator, and when numbers are in denominators, larger numbers represent smaller quantities.

b.Ask her to provide as complete an explanation as possible for why she thinks 1/4 is a larger quantity than 1/3.

c.Write 1/3 and 1/4 on the board, and explain that the 1/3 means the quantity is one third of a larger quantity and the 1/4 is one fourth of a larger quantity, so the one fourth must be smaller.

d.Fold a piece of paper into fourths and another identical piece of paper into thirds, and show her that the 1/3 is larger than the 1/4.


Essay Items


55.Explain the relationship between misconceptions and constructivist learning theory.


56.Explain why misconceptions are so resistant to change.


57.Describe the conditions necessary for conceptual change. Provide an example of each.




49.Conceptual change most consistent with which of the following theorist’s : 1200726

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