68.If they fit general patterns identified by research, which of : 1200672

68.If they fit general patterns identified by research, which of : 1200672.


68.If they fit general patterns identified by research, which of the following is not a background factor for students placed at risk?

a.Being female

b.Being a member of a cultural minority

c.Having low SES

d.Being a non-native English speaker


69.Of the following, which most strongly contributes to the development of resilience?

a.The nurturing of a caring adult.

b.A variety of experiences in the preschool years.

c.Positive identity with cultural attitudes and values.

d.An instinctive desire to succeed.



70.Of the following, which school practice is most likely to promote resilience?

a.Uncompromising academic standards

b.Clear and focused lectures

c.Ability grouping in all grades

d.Direct instruction practices


71.Which of the following school characteristics is not related to student resiliency?

a.High and uncompromising academic standards

b.Strong personal bonds between teachers and students

c.Extracurricular activities

d.Emphasis on authoritarian discipline


72.  Which of the following teacher characteristics is related to student resiliency?

a.An authoritarian style

b.A permissive style

c.An authoritative style

d.An uninvolved style


73.A new teacher was hired to teach in an urban school and wanted to know what adjustments she needed to make to work with students placed at risk. Which of the following is the most important adjustment?

a.Allow the students to work individually, such as on worksheets and computer drill-and-practice activities.

b.Carry the content to the students personally through interactive teaching.

c.Expect student apathy and boredom; be prepared to maintain high levels of classroom discipline.

d.Decrease expectations to ensure that students will be successful.


74.Gerry Giordano is teaching in a school with a large number of students placed at risk. Which of the following interventions is likely to be most effective for increasing the achievement of his students?

a.Increase the number of quizzes given, and provide detailed feedback for all items.

b.Increase the number of A’s and B’s given, and praise the students for their high grades.

c.Slightly relax the standards for classroom management and discipline, and tell the students you understand where they’re coming from.

d.Give the students more opportunity to work individually and respond to written materials, such as worksheets.


Use the following information for items 75 and 76.


Donna Keenan, Enita Barrett, Keith Van Nagel, and Joe Lynch all teach in an urban school with large numbers of students who are at risk.

Donna works very hard with her students. She carefully explains each of her topics, and gives the students plenty of seat work to provide them with practice with the topics they’re studying.

Enita attempts to provide her students with successful experiences, so she tells them exactly what will be on all of her homework and quizzes. She is careful to avoid exercises and quiz items that might be too hard for the students, and she emphasizes that once they have something memorized, they have it forever.

Keith attempts to motivate his classes by using the most successful students as role models for the others. He posts the students’ scores for each quiz on the board and reminds the students that if they work hard, they could also have their name on the board. He says that learning to work on their own will help them learn self-discipline, so he has the students spend much of their class time on individual seat work.

Joe starts his lessons with a question or problem taken from the school or neighborhoods around the school. He then uses questioning to help the students see the points in his examples. He gives the students a quiz each Thursday, and they discuss the quizzes on Fridays.


75. If the students’ achievement in each class is consistent with patterns identified by research, the teacher who is most likely to be successful in promoting resilience in his or her students is:






76. If the students’ achievement in each class is consistent with patterns identified by research, the teacher who is least likely to be successful in promoting resilience is:








68.If they fit general patterns identified by research, which of : 1200672

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