71.A teacher working finding percents of numbers and displays the : 1200601

71.A teacher working finding percents of numbers and displays the : 1200601.


71.A teacher is working on finding percents of numbers and displays the problem 20% of 45 = ? He asks, “What’s the answer to this problem, Jack?” After thinking a few seconds, Jack responds, “900.”” Based on research examining teacher feedback, of the following, what is the best teacher response?

a.“Not quite, Jack. Can someone help Jack out on this one?”

b.“Not quite, Jack. It’s point two zero times 45.”

c.“Not quite, Jack. Remember, the first thing we must do is change the percent to a decimal. What is the decimal equivalent of 20%?”

d.“Not quite, Jack. The answer is 9. Now, think about that one for a minute while the rest of us look at another problem.”


72.A teacher asks the class to identify a triangle, square, and circle. When called upon, Mary identifies the triangle as the square. According to research, of the following, the most effective feedback is:

a.“No, Mary. See the triangle has three sides and the square has four sides.”

b.“No, Mary. Not quite. George, can you help her out?”

c.“No, Mary. This one is the square.” (Points to the square)

d. “No, Mary. Arminta, identify the square for us.”


73.According to research, of the following, the most significant result of teacher questioning is:

a.a greater difference between the achievement of faster compared to slower learners.

b.higher levels of student involvement from all students.

c.a tendency for high achievers to process information more efficiently.

d.greater recall from working memory.


74.At the end of the class Suzy stopped by Mr. Barber’s desk and commented, “Mr. Barber, you called on everybody else, but you didn’t call on me even once, today.”  Suzy’s comment most closely relates to:

a.teacher caring.

b.equitable distribution.




75.Susan heard that posing questions to her students while teaching a topic will make her presentations better, so she has started to pose questions.  However, she has found not many students are trying to answer, and most often those that do are the best students. Susan’s problems with questioning are most likely tied to:

a. asking too many questions.

b. not asking enough questions.

c.  not providing enough wait time.

d.  not practicing equitable distribution.






76.Which of the following teachers is most likely to use prompting?

a.Anne, because she asks a large number of memory-level questions during her class.

b.Gayle, because she has a large number of high-achieving learners.

c.Sam, because he asks a number of higher-order questions during his class.

d.Dan, because he teaches a small class of learning-disabled students in a math class.


77.A teacher notices Mary being inattentive in a class discussion on the factors leading up to the American Revolutionary War.  Based on research examining effective teaching behaviors, of the following, what is the best teacher action?

a.Ask, “What is one of the things the British did that angered the colonists? Mary?”

b.Ignore the inattention.

c.Say, “Mary, please pay attention to this topic. Information from this discussion will be on the next test.”

d.Say, “Mary, please pay attention to what we’re doing here. This information is important.”


78.A teacher calls on a student, and the student fails to respond.  The teacher then asks another question designed to illicit a response.  This process is best described as:

a.equitable distribution.





79.Ideally, wait-time should be approximately:

a.less than a second.

b.between 1 and 3 seconds.

c.between 3 and 5 seconds.

d.between 5 and 7 seconds.


80.  According to research, teacher wait-times tend to be about how long?

a. 1 second

b. 3 seconds

c. 5 seconds

d.10 seconds




71.A teacher working finding percents of numbers and displays the : 1200601

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