74.Jim Bolton conducting a lesson using case analysis for his : 1200730

74.Jim Bolton conducting a lesson using case analysis for his : 1200730.


74.Jim Bolton is conducting a lesson using case analysis for his Business Law class.  He works on a case through all the steps, fully explaining each one while students listen.  Then he presents another case, and this time he asks students to tell him which step is next.  Then he gives students a case to analyze on their own and circulates around the class, giving help and hints as needed.  Finally, the students are assigned a new case to analyze on their own for homework.

What aspect of effective teaching for problem solving does Jim’s teaching illustrate?

a.Reinforcement and rewards

b.Decontextualized learning

c.Effective task analysis

d.Scaffolded instruction


75.Of the following, which is the best definition of creativity?

a.A characteristic associated with people who are gifted or talented in a specific area

b.The ability to produce original works or solutions to problems that are productive

c.The ability to create clever ideas that other people are unable to create

d.A characteristic of working memory that involves automatic encoding of information


76.Of the following, which individual best illustrates creativity?

a.After seeing a TV character using a particularly clever phrase, Sancha uses the phrase with his friends, hoping to impress them with his wit.

b.Rick is making spaghetti for Suzanne, a girl he wants to impress. He has no way of straining the spaghetti until he sees a piece of screendoor screen, which he washes and then uses as a strainer.

c.Jerome’s running shoes are starting to get smelly from sweat, so washes them and then wears them for his run that afternoon even though they’re still damp from the washing.

d.Dana decides to redecorate his room, so he removes his bed, puts his mattress on the floor,  hangs fishing net from the ceiling, and puts in dim lighting to create a feeling of intimacy like his friend Bill has done.


77.Which of the following is not necessarily a characteristic of people who think divergently?

a.They possess a great deal of domain-specific knowledge.

b.They possess a great deal of innate talent in the area(s) where they think divergently.

c.They are intrinsically motivated.

d.They think divergently primarily in one or two domains.







78.Divergent thinking is considered to be an important component of creativity. Which one of the following is the best example of divergent thinking?

a.Sandra needs a computer desk, but she can’t afford one, so she builds one out of boards and cement blocks.

b.Gary realizes that the sum of the digits in the product of a number times 9 equals 9 (9 x 5 = 45; 4 + 5 = 9), so he uses this relationship to help him remember his “9’s” times tables.

c.Donna, who enjoys wine with dinner, glues the corks together in the shape of small containers and uses them to hold pencils, paper clips, and other materials.

d.After reading on the Internet about the nutrients that helps vegetable thrive, Judy creates a compost pile and uses it to fertilize her vegetables.


79.Of the following, which is a characteristic of problem-based learning?

a.Learners are given direct instruction on general problem-solving strategies.

b.Students work on a problem that serves as the focus for the learning activity.

c.Cooperative groups are generally small, so that all students participate in problem solving.

d.Instruction is provided on effective strategies and plans for how to tackle a given problem.


80.Which of the following is a characteristic of problem-based learning?

a.Lessons begin with an ambiguous problem, and the learning activity focuses on defining the problem.

b.Learners are allowed “free reign,” so they develop both content knowledge and effective strategic problem solving without your outside influence.

c.A concluding lecture is used to tie together the work done by the students.

d.The teacher guides student’s efforts with questioning and other forms of scaffolding as they work toward solving a problem that is the focus of the learning activity.


Use the following information for items 81 and 82.


Look at the following teachers’ goals and the learning activities they use to help their students reach the goals.

Scott, a science teacher, wants his students to understand that weight doesn’t affect the frequency of a simple pendulum, so he has his students attach different numbers of paper clips to strings of the same length to demonstrate that the frequency doesn’t change.

Helen, a math teacher, has her students work in pairs to solve a series of problems, such as: You have eaten one piece of a pizza cut into 8 pieces, and one piece of another same-sized pizza cut into 6 pieces. How much pizza did you eat?

Vicki, an English teacher, wants her students to determine the characteristics of novels considered to be classics, so during the school year they read a series of novels such as Moby Dick, A Tale of Two Cities, and The Scarlet Letter, and they work to devise a plan to examine characteristics of the novels that might lead to them being considered classics.

Jared, a geography teacher, wants his students to know the names of all the countries in North and South America and their capitals, so he gives them blank maps and has them fill in the countries and locate and name their capitals.


81. The teacher who most nearly used a problem-based learning approach was:






82. The teacher who least  nearly used a problem-based learning approach was:









74.Jim Bolton conducting a lesson using case analysis for his : 1200730

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