77. The process by which we first attach meaning or : 1200705

77. The process by which we first attach meaning or : 1200705.


77. The process by which we first attach meaning or interpretation to our experiences is called:






78.The two most important factors that impact our perception are our background experiences and our:




d.rate of development.


79.A motion picture film is actually a series of still pictures, but we “see” the movie as continuous action.  This fact most closely relates to which of the following?






80.When the sentence “Tall in the the saddle” is written on the board, we tend to read it as “Tall in the saddle.”  Of the following, our tendency to miss the second “the” in the phrase best illustrates:

a.inability to discriminate among closely related stimuli.

b.information entering the sensory memory even though we aren’t consciously aware of it.

c.overloading working memory so some information is lost.

d.expectations affecting our perception.


Use the following information for items 81 and 82.


Mrs. Lonzo is working on the concept of static electricity in her physical science class.

“Now, let’s take a look,” she says as she steps quickly over to her file cabinet and takes out an inflated balloon and a wool sweater.  “Watch.”  She then rubs the balloon vigorously with the sweater as she asks, “Who doesn’t have hairspray in their hair?”

She steps over to Michelle, who has raised her hand, and holding the balloon over her hair says, “What do you notice here? . . . Vicki?”

“The balloon is making Michelle’s hair stick up,” Vicki responds to the giggles of the class.

“Michelle’s hair is attracted to the balloon,” Ron adds.


81.In assessing the way Mrs. Lonzo began her lesson—holding the balloon over Michelle’s hair—based on our understanding of the human memory model, we would conclude that her procedure was:

a.effective because doing what she did would be an effective attention-getter.

b.ineffective because she didn’t begin by having students rehearse their prior knowledge.

c.effective because her demonstration wouldn’t overload the students’ working memories.

d.ineffective because she didn’t determine if the stimulus was encoded in the students’ sensory memories.




82.Of the following, the difference in Vicki’s and Ron’s responses most closely relates to differences in:

a.the way they perceived the demonstration.

b.the way they elaborated on the information.

c.the way they rehearsed the information.

d.they way they encoded the information.


83.Mr. Hall, in beginning a lesson on insects, shows the students a large colored picture of a grasshopper.  He then asks, “What do you see in this picture?  Carla?”  He continues by asking several students to describe what they observe in the picture.

Based on applications of the human memory model, which of the following would be the best explanation for why Mr. Hall would choose to ask the type of questions he did?

a.He was attempting to help students retain the information in working memory through rehearsal.

b.He was attempting to help the students retain the information in their sensory memories.

c.He was using elaboration as a strategy to promote meaningful encoding.

d.He was checking the students’ perceptions of his picture.


84.When we repeat information to ourselves several times without actively adding new meaning, we are engaging in which of the following processes?






85.The process of representing information in long-term memory is called:








77. The process by which we first attach meaning or : 1200705

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