78.Which of the following assessment practices most effective for helping : 1200541

78.Which of the following assessment practices most effective for helping : 1200541.


78.Which of the following assessment practices is most effective for helping students meet their need for self-determination?

a.Increase the number of assessments, and provide detailed feedback for all items.

b.Publicly recognize students who score high on assessments, so they can serve as role models for other students.

c.Keep the number of assessments during a grading period to a minimum to avoid damaging students’ sense of self-worth.

d.Avoid telling students how they will be assessed to increase the sense of challenge in assessments.


79.Of the following, the term that is often used interchangeably with the term self-worth is:






80.In our society, which of the following tends to be most closely associated with our sense of self-worth?

a.Our self-schemas

b.Our perceptions of our ability

c.Our perceptions of our self-efficacy

d.Our perceptions of others’ reactions to us





81.Which of the following best describes older students’ views of the relationship between effort and ability?

a.They believe that effort and ability are essentially synonymous.

b.They believe that ability is alterable, and effort increases ability.

c.They believe that expending effort is an indicator of low ability.

d.They believe that high-ability students tend to be hard workers.


82.Students sometimes make a point of not studying for tests and telling their peers that they haven’t studied. According to self-worth theory, which of the following is the best explanation for this kind of behavior?

a.They are attempting to meet their need for relatedness with their peers.

b.They are attempting to maintain their sense of autonomy by choosing not to study.

c.They are attempting to meet their belonging need by identifying with their peers.

d.They are attempting to preserve the perception that they have high ability.


Use the following information for items 83 and 84.


After their teacher returned a test, students are commenting on the results.

Seeing a C, Ken shrugged, “Not bad, particularly when you consider how hard I studied. I didn’t crack a book on this one.”

“I don’t get it,” John added.  “I got a B and I didn’t know what was going on.  I must have been good at guessing or something. I don’t know how I did it.”

“I just can’t do this stuff,” Korri sighed, throwing up her hands in exasperation.  “I guess I’m just not cut out for chemistry,” she added, seeing the D on her paper.

Seeing a C+, Pam noted, “I knew this test was going to be a bear, and I just didn’t study enough.  Next time I’ll be ready.”


83.The student whose reaction can be best explained by self-worth theory is:






84 The student who is in the most danger of engaging in “self-handicapping” strategies is:






Use the following information for items 85 and 86.


Older students, such as those in middle and high schools, tend to view working hard as an indicator of low ability, so they will sometimes avoid studying to preserve the perception that they have high ability.

Four teachers are aware of this tendency and take steps to change their views.

Vicki Barnhart frequently tells students that working hard is very important, and they must work hard if they are going to be successful in life.

Nick Evans posts his students’ test scores on the board and tells those who did poorly to start giving the ones who score high a run for their money.

Whenever opportunities come up, Mike Brown tells his students about how hard he works and says he is getting a lot smarter as a result.

Norma Layton offers her students help sessions after school and tells them that anyone who is struggling with a topic should come in for extra help.




85.The teacher who is most likely to overcome the students’ tendencies to view working hard as an indicator of low ability is:






86.The teacher who is least likely to overcome the students’ tendencies to view working hard as an indicator of low ability is:








78.Which of the following assessment practices most effective for helping : 1200541

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