81.According to Canadian food labelling regulations, clear and convincing evidence : 1401530

81.According to Canadian food labelling regulations, clear and convincing evidence : 1401530.


81.According to Canadian food labelling regulations, clear and convincing evidence has been found for which one of the following health claims regarding nutrition and disease or conditions?

a.sugar and diabetes

b.sodium and hypertension

c.sugar and hyperactivity

d.stress and water

82.Which of the following is a characteristic of structure-function claims on food labels?

a.Non-fermentable carbohydrates may help to reduce dental cavities.

b.Consumption of green tea helps to protect blood lipids from oxidation.

c.Iron is the only factor in red blood cell formation.

d.Satisfy your thirst with water.

83.Labelling laws in Canada mandate that ingredients are listed in which one of the following orders:

a.In descending order of predominance by the number of calories in the product.

b.In descending order according to the nutritional claim on the label.

c.In ascending order according to the content in the product.

d.In descending order of predominance by the weight.

84.Greg is trying to decide which brand of cereal to buy, but he is a somewhat confused by the health claims. Which of the following represents the highest level of significant scientific agreement?

a.“Promotes a healthy heart”

b.“This cereal supports heart health”

c.“This product contains whole grains which have been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers”

d.“Very limited and preliminary scientific research suggests this product can reduce risk for cancers, Health Canada concludes that there is little scientific evidence supporting this claim”

85.According to Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide, how many minutes of moderate-to vigorous intensity exercise should an adult engage in each week?





86.Which of the following foods are allowed in the diet of a lacto-vegetarian?

a.plant foods only

b.eggs and plant foods only

c.meat, eggs, and plant foods only

d.milk products and plant foods only

87.Tempeh is made from which of the following plant sources?


b.any legume

c.fermented leafy vegetables

d.fermented yellow vegetables

88.Which of the following ingredients found on a food label is a source of protein?



c.corn starch


89.Which one of the following is a documented benefit for people following a vegetarian diet?

a.lower body weights

b.lower rates of anemia

c.lower hunger rates

d.lower incidences of stress

90.Which of the following is an advantage of a vegan vegetarian diet?

a.Fat intake is lower

b.Fibre intake is lower

c.Vitamin B12 intake is higher

d.Intakes of vitamin A and calcium are higher

91.In vegetarians, the RDA is higher for which of the following nutrients?




d.vitamin A

92.Which of the following is a non-dairy source of calcium for vegetarians?


b.sunflower seeds


d.whole-grain bread

93.Which of the following health concerns may arise if a vegetarian consumes an inadequate amount of vitamin B12?

a.kidney stones

b.dry skin

c.loss of vision

d.high blood pressure

94.Which one of the following is a typical characteristic of vegetarians?

a.They are no less iron deficient than are omnivores.

b.Their zinc absorption is efficient due to their high soy intake.

c.They are at risk for iodine deficiency.

d.Their need for calcium can be met, in large part, from enriched soymilk, breakfast cereals, and fortified juices.

95.Which of the following is permitted on a macrobiotic diet?

a.abundant amounts of dairy

b.small amounts of seeds

c.small amounts of legumes

d.abundant amounts of fish



81.According to Canadian food labelling regulations, clear and convincing evidence : 1401530

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