81.Which of the following typically the first sign of dehydration? a.fatigue b.dizziness c.intense : 1401717

81.Which of the following typically the first sign of dehydration?
c.intense : 1401717.


81.Which of the following is typically the first sign of dehydration?



c.intense thirst

d.intense sweating

82.A person engaged in an endurance event has lost 2 L of body water by sweating. What would be the approximate energy loss from the evaporation of the sweat?

a.100 kcal

b.500 kcal

c.850 kcal

d.1200 kcal

83.What is the minimum amount of body water loss necessary to bring about a reduction in work capacity of an average 70 kg individual?

a.1.4 L

b.2.1 L

c.2.8 L

d.3.5 L

84.In an endurance athlete, the first priority of nutrient repletion should be which of the following?





85.Which of the following best characterizes heat stroke?

a.a rise in body temperature due, in part, to dehydration, that is rarely fatal.

b.heat build-up in the body, resulting in symptoms include headache, nausea, and mental changes .

c.a rise in body temperature of 1°C, without dehydration

d.a body water loss of 2 percent, causing reduced work capacity

86.Suppose that a person engages in physical activity in hot, humid weather and wears a rubber suit to promote weight loss.  Which of the following are they at high risk of experiencing?


b.heat stroke


d.over hydration

87.Which of the following are common early symptoms of hypothermia?

a.headache and nausea

b.euphoria and shivering

c.confusion and delirium

d.dizziness and clumsiness

88.Which of the following characterizes fluid losses in response to prolonged endurance exercise?

a.Losses rise to a maximum of 0.5L fluid per hour of exercise.

b.Losses are minimal in cold weather, because the body does not sweat.

c.Losses in sweat can exceed the capacity of the GI tract to absorb water

d.Losses are generally compensate by  a  marked rise in the thirst sensation to stimulate fluid replacement.

89.Joe’s cycling club is on a weekend-long trip.  At a rest stop, one of his friends notices that Joe is acting very confused and clumsy.  Joe’s behaviour may be an early sign of which of the following conditions?

a.heat stroke



d.exertional distress

90.Which of the following is recommended for replacement of electrolytes in sports?

a.Trained athletes need electrolyte replacement after 15 minutes of heavy exercise, whereas untrained person do not need electrolyte replacement for 1 hour..

b.Replenishment of lost electrolytes in most athletes can be accomplished by ingesting a regular diet.

c.Significant losses of calcium, sulphur, and chromium in sweat can be replaced by including milk and whole grains in the diet.

d.Losses of electrolytes in activities of 1 to 3 hours duration should be replaced using salt tablets. .



81.Which of the following typically the first sign of dehydration?
c.intense : 1401717

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