93.Mrs. Alonzo says, ”William, I get frustrated and angry when : 1200578

93.Mrs. Alonzo says, ”William, I get frustrated and angry when : 1200578.


93.Mrs. Alonzo says, ”William, I get frustrated and angry when class gets constantly interrupted.” A statement such as Mrs. Alonzo’s is based on the work of which of the following people?






94.Steven is constantly coming into the classroom late and slamming down his books. What should Ms. King, his teacher, say if she wanted to follow Gordon’s suggestions for effective communication?

a.“Steven, your behavior is inappropriate. Please apologize to the rest of the class for being so disruptive.”

b.“Steven, it is impossible to teach when you behave this way. You slam your books down tomorrow, and I will be forced to send you to the office.”

c.“What’s your problem this time, Steven? This is the third day in a row that you’ve come to class this way. Are you having some trouble at home?”

d.“Steven, slamming your books on your desk disrupts the beginning of our class, and I get upset when class doesn’t begin smoothly.”


95.Of the following, the best example of an I-message is:

a.“I don’t like it when you people are disruptive.”

b.“I have to interrupt my teaching when people talk without permission. You make me angry when this happens.”

c.“I have to stop and start over when people don’t listen to directions.  I get frustrated when I have to repeat directions.”

d.“You know better than to act like this.  I get upset when I have to correct your behavior.”




Use the following vignette for items 96-98.


Kristi Freeman is working with writers at one station and has one group of students engaged in seat work and another group working at the computers.  Anthony gets up from his seat and goes over to Sam at the computers and starts to chat. Charlie is kicking the leg of Susie’s chair, and Monica is passing a note to Peggy.  Kristi moves her chair in the writing group to be able to see the computer station and gives Anthony a head shake, signaling “No.” She then gets up and takes the note from Peggy. On her way to Peggy’s desk, she  walks by Charlie and whispers firmly “We don’t kick our classmates.”


96.  Of the following, Kristi is best illustrating:

a. withitness.

b. mastery teaching.

c.  proximity.

d. assertive discipline.


97.In this scenario, Kristi uses several management strategies for minor infractions.  With Charlie she best illustrates:

a.removal punishment.

b.a desist.

c.nonverbal communication.

d.applying a consequence.


98.  By moving her chair and shaking her head at Anthony, Kristi best illustrates:

a.removal punishment.

b.negative reinforcement.

c.an I-message.

d.nonverbal communication.


99.You have a rule stating that students speak only when given permission. As your students are doing a seat-work assignment, Gustavo whispers something across the aisle and then quickly turns back to his work. Based on the discussion of the “intervention continuum” in the chapter, which of the following is the best course of action?

a.Ignore the behavior, since it was brief.

b.“Desist” the behavior immediately, to prevent it from happening again.

c.Apply a logical consequence, so Gustavo will understand why the behavior is inappropriate.

d.Remind Gustavo of the rule, and suggest that he come to you if he has a question.


  100. “Janet, what are you doing?” Karen Miller, her teacher, says with irritation in her voice.


“Yes you were. Speak up so everyone can hear you.”

“. . .”

“You were talking. What’s the rule about talking without permission?”

“. . .”

“Let’s hear it. I want to hear you say the rule.”

“. . . We don’t talk until we’re recognized.”

“That’s right. Do you understand that?”

“. . . Yes.”

Based on the guidelines for successful intervention, which of the following is the best assessment of Karen’s intervention in the case of Janet’s talking without permission?

a.It was effective, because it demonstrated that Karen was “withit.”

b.It was effective, because Karen consistently enforced her rules.

c.It was ineffective, because the intervention was longer than necessary.

d.It was ineffective, because Janet wasn’t punished for talking.




  101.Jeff Davis was explaining the procedure for finding percentages to his seventh graders. While Jeff illustrated the procedure, Chris, in the second desk from the front of the room, was periodically poking Erin, who sat across from him. She then kicked Chris in the leg. Josh, sitting behind Erin, poked her in the arm with his pencil. Jeff didn’t respond to the students’ actions. After a second poke, Erin swung her arm back and hit Josh on the shoulder. “Erin!” Ron said evenly looking Erin in the eye. “We keep our hands to ourselves.” Which of the following is the best assessment of Jeff’s intervention?

a.It was effective because Jeff’s verbal and nonverbal behaviors were consistent.

b.It was ineffective because Jeff demonstrated a lack of withitness.

c.It was effective because Jeff used a desist to stop Erin’s behavior.

d.It was ineffective because Jeff should have punished Erin, since she broke one of the classroom rules.


  102.Kathryn, one of Jesse Goddard’s students, begins to complain about her low score on a test he has handed back. He asks her to come to his room after school to talk about it. She comes in after school, and complains that the test wasn’t fair, saying that the items were too hard, and they hadn’t been adequately prepared. She says she should be given a chance to retake the test.

Jesse listens as Kathryn voices her complaint, and when she is finished he responds, “I understand that you feel badly when you didn’t do as well as you would like. However, you were given a detailed outline of what was on the test, and we had several practice problems the day before the test was given. . . . How much did you study?”

Kathryn sits quietly, not responding, and Jesse suggests that she use more effective study strategies in the future. Of the following, which is the best assessment of Jesse’s actions with Kathryn?

a.They were effective because Jesse listened actively to Kathryn’s complaint and offered a solution to her problem.

b.They were ineffective because a caring teacher would have given Kathryn a second chance to take the test.

c.They were effective because Jesse’s willingness to listen was reinforcing for Kathryn.

d.They were ineffective because Jesse should have responded to Kathryn immediately instead of waiting until after school to talk to her.




93.Mrs. Alonzo says, ”William, I get frustrated and angry when : 1200578

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