Cognitive Processes 67.Which of the following best describes the process of : 1200704

Cognitive Processes
67.Which of the following best describes the process of : 1200704.


Cognitive Processes


67.Which of the following best describes the process of consciously focusing on a stimulus?






68.Research indicates that teachers are more effective if they vary the tone, loudness, and pitch of the delivery during the course of a lesson.  Using the model of human memory as a basis, the teachers’ strategy most closely relates to:






69.Research indicates that calling on all the students in your classes equally and by name is an important factor in their learning.  Using the human memory model as a basis, this strategy most closely relates to:






70.Research indicates that teachers’ use of statements such as, “Remember the last point. It is an important one,” has a positive effect on learning.  This research most closely relates to:



c.working memory.



71.You’re talking to a friend in a noisy restaurant.  You have essentially “tuned out” the surroundings.  Suddenly, you turn your head at the sound of your name. Which of the following is the best explanation for this phenomenon?

a.Stimuli from the environment enter sensory memory whether or not we attend to the stimuli.

b.Information enters working memory in the same form as it exists in the environment.

c.Our attention must be captured before information enters sensory memory.

d.Information must be meaningful before it can enter sensory memory.


72.While Mr. Lindsey was explaining the social studies assignment, Missy was finishing homework due for her next class.  When the class began the assignment, Missy did not know what to do.  Based on our understanding of the human memory model, Missy was lost because:

a.her perception of the activity was different from that of the other students.

b. she did not pay attention to the instructions that were given.

c.the instructions for the assignment were out of context.

d. the instructions were not transferred from working to long-term memory.


73.Mrs. Otero wants to teach her students that snakes are smooth, dry, and clean, rather than slimy, as many students believe.  Using the model of human memory as a basis for her instruction, which of the following would be the best way to begin her lesson?

a.Explain carefully that snakes are actually dry, smooth, and clean, and not at all slimy.

b.Review information about other vertebrates.

c.Show a movie in which snakes are seen crawling along in dry dirt.

d.Bring a snake to class, and hold it up for the children to see and feel.


Use the following information for items 74–76.


Mr. Lopez wants his students to understand percentages and the conversion of decimals to percentages.


74.Using the human memory model as a basis, the first thing he needs to do in his lesson is to: certain that he has the students’ attention. certain that students encode the information into long-term memory. certain that students develop the information to automaticity. certain that he doesn’t go too fast, to prevent overloading working memory.


75.Again using the human memory model as a basis, the second thing Mr. Lopez needs to do is to: certain that they actively process information into long-term memory. certain that the students correctly perceive what percentage means.

c.have the students rehearse common equivalents such as 5/8 = 62.5%.

d.give the students plenty of practice in converting  decimals to percentages so that working memory isn’t overloaded.

76. Again, in using the human memory model as a basis, ultimately Mr. Lopez will want the students to:

a.rehearse the information on decimals and percentages to help retain it in working memory.

b.accurately perceive what decimals and percentages are.

c.have a schema for converting decimals to percentages.

d.chunk information about fractions into working memory.




Cognitive Processes
67.Which of the following best describes the process of : 1200704

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