Constructivist Learning Theory in Classrooms 58.Which of the following generalizations most : 1200727

Constructivist Learning Theory in Classrooms
58.Which of the following generalizations most : 1200727.


Constructivist Learning Theory in Classrooms


58.Which of the following generalizations is most consistent with a constructivist orientation toward instruction?

a.Learning is hierarchical.

b.Learning is increased through multiple representations of content.

c.Learning is increased through the accumulation of specific items of information.

d.Learning is increased when appropriate reinforcement schedules are used.


59.  Which of the following teacher strategies is least consistent with instruction based on constructivist views of learning?

a.Asking students questions

b.Providing well-organized explanations

c.Guiding students in learning activities

d.Monitoring students as they work in groups


60.  Which of the following is not a suggestion for classroom practice based upon constructivist views as noted in your text?

a.Provide a variety of examples and representations of content.

b.Connect content to the real world.

c.Match content with that which is found on standardized assessments.

d.Be skeptical about the effectiveness of explanations.


61.If an instructor is basing his or her instruction on constructivist views of learning, which of the following is most important?

a.To provide a variety of examples

b.To explain topics carefully and thoroughly

c.To give students a chance to rehearse information

d.To organize students into cooperative groups


62.Which of the following is the most important classroom application of the fact that students’ constructions of understanding are likely to vary?

a.Be sure that explanations are very clear, so that students are less likely to misinterpret the explanations.

b.Make an effort to individualize instruction, so that students are less likely to be confused by their peers.

c.Develop topics with questioning, so that you are able to assess the extent to which students’ constructions are valid.

d.Be sure that students carefully memorize important facts.







63.The use of examples has been strongly emphasized when basing instruction on constructivist views of learning. Which of the following most effectively explains why examples are so important?

a.Examples ensure that students will be working on authentic tasks.

b.Examples help clarify teachers’ explanations, and explanations are essential when basing instruction on constructivist views of learning.

c.Examples help prevent teachers from overloading students’ working memories.

d.Examples are what students use to construct their understanding of the topics they study.


Use the following information to answer items 64 and 65.


Ms. Fodea started her first-period geometry class.  Each student was to investigate a packet of geometrical forms and draw generalizations from their explorations.  Students sat quietly at their desks examining the different plastic shapes, comparing them, measuring their lengths and angles, computing perimeters and surface areas, and recording their observations.


64.As the students work and Ms. Fodea circulates among them, from a cognitive constructivist perspective, which of the following should she most strongly emphasize?

a.Make sure that students know the names of the shapes and the formulas for finding them.

b.Encourage the students to make precise measurements of each shape.

c.Emphasize the role that numbers and quantitative understanding play in helping to understand geometry.

d.Encourage the students to apply existing knowledge of geometric shapes to find patterns in their observations.


65.A teacher has students involved in a problem-solving activity in math. From a social constructivist perspective, which of the following are important in the learning activity?

a.Encourage students to all use the same procedure in solving problems.

b.Encourage students to memorize formulas as they use them.

c.Encourage students to question each other about procedures and findings.

d.Encourage students to wait for teacher feedback before they proceed with their discussion.


66.Which of the following statements is consistent with assessment for learning in a constructivist environment?

a.Classroom assessments cannot capture students’ true understanding, and therefore assessment should generally be avoided.

b.Informal classroom assessments should be used in constructivist learning environments, but formal assessments should be generally avoided.

c.Formal classroom assessments should be used in a constructivist learning environment, but informal assessments should be avoided.

d.Both formal and informal assessments are valuable in understanding students’ true understanding, and both should be used as part of assessment.















Use the following information to answer items 67 and 68.


As part of a unit on “Smart Shopping,” Halima Al-Kouri opened her junior high ESL class by handing out copies of ads she had clipped from magazines and newspapers.  Students were to work in same-language groups to figure out from the ads what the best bargains were.  Students could use hand-held calculators if they wished.  As students answered questions, they were encouraged to explain their thinking to each other.


67.Using the suggestions for classroom practice as a basis for responding, which of the following statements is the best assessment of what Halima did in her learning activity?

a.This is an effective activity, because it provides a real-world task and capitalizes on student-student interaction.

b.This is an effective activity, because it incorporates concepts such as elaboration and organization.

c.This is an ineffective activity, because Halima has not provided sufficient context for the topic.

d.This is an ineffective activity, because students haven’t been provided with appropriate examples on which to model their speech.




Constructivist Learning Theory in Classrooms
58.Which of the following generalizations most : 1200727

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