Culture 1.The group and individual differences we see in our : 1200664

1.The group and individual differences we see in our : 1200664.



1.The group and individual differences we see in our students is best described as:


b.socioeconomic status.


d.learner diversity.


2.Of the following, which is the best definition of culture?

a.A person’s ancestry and the way individuals identify with the nation from which they or their ancestors came

b.The knowledge, attitudes, values, and customs that characterize a social group

c.Beliefs, values, and behaviors that reject the values of mainstream society

d.The anxiety experienced by members of a group resulting from concern that their behavior might confirm a stereotype


3.Pedro is a boy living in a small Mexican village. Every day he rises early, for he must walk the 2 miles to his school. He has breakfast of beans and bread made from ground corn, leaves the house, and begins his trek. He likes the walk, for he can wave to his papa toiling daily in the cornfields that provide the food and income for the family.

When Pedro comes home from school, he often plays soccer with his friends in the village, and after dinner his mother usually plays songs on a guitar while papa sings.

The activities Pedro is involved in, such as playing soccer and listening to his mother and father play and sing, best illustrate which of the following?

a.His culture

b.His ethnicity

c.Stereotype threat

d.Accommodation without assimilation


  4.Which of the following statements illustrates the relationship between culture and ethnicity?

a.Culture and ethnicity are unrelated.

b.Culture and ethnicity are the same thing.

c.Culture is a part of ethnicity.

d.Ethnicity is a part of culture.


5.Which of the following is not a component of ethnicity?

a.Customs and traditions


c.Value systems

d.Socioeconomic status


6.If they fit general patterns identified by research, which of the following parents are most likely to provide their children with supplementary science materials?

a.African Americans

b.Chinese Americans

c.Hispanic Americans

d.Native Americans





7.According to research, which of the following is the best explanation for the high academic achievement of Vietnamese and Laotian refugees when they settle in the United States?

a.They have high levels of native intelligence.

b.Their parents communicate values that emphasize achievement.

c.They have learning styles that are compatible with instruction as it typically occurs in American classrooms.

d.They typically enter the United States fluent in English, so language is not a problem for them.


8. The tendency of some groups to adopt beliefs, values and behaviors that reject the values of mainstream culture best describes:

a.minority alienation.

b.cultural inversion.

c.accommodation without assimilation.

d.resistance cultures.


9.According to research, which of the following is the most likely perception of cultural minorities who are alienated from school?

a.They feel like they are not smart enough to succeed in school.

b.They feel like they are not welcome and do not belong in school.

c.They feel like school is only valuable for extracurricular activities.

d.They feel like they can succeed only if they have wealthy and influential parents.


10.  Of the following, the most effective strategy for helping reduce or eliminate the effects of resistance cultures is to:

a.remind students that to succeed in a global economy they must get a good education.

b.tell students that being successful in school doesn’t detract in any way from their cultural identity.

c.expose students to role models who have succeeded while retaining the characteristics of the minority culture.

d.allow students to do written assignments on topics that are related to their cultural heritage.




1.The group and individual differences we see in our : 1200664

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