Development of Morality, Social Responsibility, and Self-Control 86.Societal norms and appropriate : 1200652

Development of Morality, Social Responsibility, and Self-Control
86.Societal norms and appropriate : 1200652.


Development of Morality, Social Responsibility, and Self-Control


86.Societal norms and appropriate ways of behaving in specific situations are called:

a.moral conventions.

b.personal norms. conventions.

d.societal expectations.





87.According to research examining children’s thinking about moral, conventional, and personal domains, how old must children be in order to distinguish among the three domains?

a.Three years old

b.Five years old

c.Seven years old

d.Ten years old


88.Three of the following choices would be considered immoral acts. Which one would be considered a violation of a social convention?

a.Spreading a rumor that results in a classmate being socially ostracized

b.Not sending a thank you card to someone who has given you a gift

c.Purposely bumping a smaller classmate and making him drop his books

d.Copying a classmate’s homework assignment


89.Norton has recently had his left ear pierced and is now wearing an earring. Mrs. Edwards, his homeroom teacher, thinks he looks ghastly, but she says nothing to Norton. Norton’s decision to wear the earring best fits in which of the following domains?

a.The moral domain

b.The conventional domain

c.The personal domain

d.Both the moral and the personal domains


Use the following information for items 90 and 91.


Ernesto sees one of his peers push another child down and then kick him in the leg. Ernesto concludes that this was an immoral act.


90.Ernesto must be at least how old in order to make this conclusion?

a.Three years old

b.Five years old

c.Seven years old

d.Ten years old


91.Of the following, which is the most likely way that Ernesto learned that pushing others down and kicking them is immoral?

a.His parents explained that some acts are bad. For example, his parents told him that pushing someone down is unacceptable.

b.He observed the consequences of different acts. For example, he observed that someone is often punished for pushing others down.

c.His preschool teacher had a system of rules in her class. For example, she had a rule forbidding pushing and hurting others.

d.He watched other students. For example, he saw that most children didn’t push others down.


92.  Who postulated that moral development begins with external morality and gradually moves to internalization?










93.  According to Piaget, the stage of moral development in which individuals view rules as fixed and permanent and enforced by authority figures is defined as:

a.external morality.

b.autonomous morality.

c.reflective morality.

d.internal morality.


Use the following information for items 94 and 95.


Mrs. Lucci is working with one of her students while the rest of her fifth graders are completing a seat-work assignment in math.

“Did Mrs. Lucci tell us to skip number six?” Gary whispers.

“Shh! You’re not supposed to talk,” Andrea says, pointing to the rules posted on the bulletin board.

“But he needs to know so he can do his work,” Krystal replies. “Yes, she said, skip number six.”

The students then go back to work on their assignment.


94.Which student or students demonstrated external morality?




d.Both Gary and Andrea


95.Which student or students demonstrated autonomous morality?




d.Both Gary and Krystal




Development of Morality, Social Responsibility, and Self-Control
86.Societal norms and appropriate : 1200652

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