Intelligence 1.  The statement “the ability to acquire and use : 1200673

1.  The statement “the ability to acquire and use : 1200673.



1.  The statement “the ability to acquire and use knowledge, solve problems and reason in the abstract, and adapt to new situations in the environment” most closely relates to a description of:


b.learning style.

c.field dependence/independence.



2.  Which of the following factors has the greatest influence on intelligence test performance?



c.Birth order



3.  Which theorist suggests that intelligence consists of eight relatively independent factors?






4.Of the following, which best describes the difference between fluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence?

a.Fluid intelligence is a single-trait theory of intelligence, whereas crystallized intelligence is a multiple-trait theory of intelligence.

b.Fluid intelligence is culture independent, whereas crystallized intelligence is culture dependent.

c.Fluid intelligence strongly depends on background experience, whereas crystallized intelligence doesn’t consider background experience.

d.Fluid intelligence places primary emphasis on the environment, whereas crystallized intelligence places primary emphasis on heredity.


5.  Using Gardner’s theory as a basis, which of the following would be most necessary for effective counselors?

a.Logical-mathematical intelligence

b.Linguistic intelligence

c.Visual-spatial intelligence

d.Interpersonal intelligence


6.  Which of the following would be Gardner’s primary criticism of existing intelligence tests?

a.They are too difficult for most students.

b.They are culturally biased against certain minorities.

c.They are not developmentally appropriate.

d.They ignore certain important dimensions.


7.Of the following, which is the primary criticism of Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences?

a.Evidence doesn’t exist to support the idea of multiple intelligences.

b.Gardner’s theory fails to consider the role of a centralized working memory.

c.Gardner’s theory fails to consider the role of experience in intelligence.

d.Gardner’s theory fails to consider the role of personal learning style in intelligence.

8.  Intelligent behavior has two important characteristics—the ability to cope effectively with novel experiences and the ability to solve problems efficiently and automatically. This best describes the views of which of the following people?






9.  In his more recent work, Robert Sternberg emphasizes three distinct types of intelligence.  These types include:

a.artistic, functional, and evaluative.

b.theoretical, conceptual, and functional.

c.analytic, creative, and practical.

d.analytical, functional, and evaluative.


10.  Which of the following would be Sternberg’s primary criticism of existing intelligence tests?

a.They place too much emphasis on logical thinking.

b.They ignore strategies for adapting to the environment.

c.They de-emphasize essential facts that all students need to know.

d.They disregard cultural differences among students.




1.  The statement “the ability to acquire and use : 1200673

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