Intervening When Misbehavior Occurs 83.“You can’t get away with anything in : 1200577

Intervening When Misbehavior Occurs
83.“You can’t get away with anything in : 1200577.


Intervening When Misbehavior Occurs


83.“You can’t get away with anything in here,” Crystal whispers to Sarah. “Mrs. Marquez always knows what’s going on.” The concept most closely related to this description is:

a.assertive discipline.

b.classroom discipline.








84.A teacher notices a student in the back of the room whispering during a learning activity. He immediately walks over and stands near the student. His behavior best illustrates:






85.Which of the following statements most accurately describes the relationship between verbal and nonverbal behavior?

a.The credibility of a message is communicated more strongly through the nonverbal than through the verbal channel of communication.

b.Verbal and nonverbal behavior are two different channels of communication, and one has little effect on the other.

c.Warmth, empathy, and caring are communicated verbally, whereas assertiveness and management are communicated nonverbally.

d.Affective factors are primarily communicated verbally, while cognitive factors are primarily communicated nonverbally.


86.The channel of communication that includes the body language people use to convey unspoken messages is:



c.assertive communication. listening.


87.Which of the following is the best description of assertive discipline?

a.A classroom management system based on the use of assertive nonverbal behaviors when intervening in student misbehavior

b.A classroom management system based on the use of assertive language in communicating with students

c.A classroom management system based on active listening and the use of I-messages when communicating with students

d.A classroom management system based on carefully stated rules combined with specifically described reinforcers and punishers


88.A verbal or nonverbal communication that a teacher uses to stop a behavior is best described as a(n):

a.negative reinforcer.

b.indirect cue.




89.According to research, which of the following statements best describes if and/or when punishment should be used in classrooms?

a.Punishment should not be used, because—through classical conditioning—students can learn to dislike school.

b.Punishment is effective for ensuring that procedures are followed, but it is not effective for being sure that rules are followed.

c.Punishment should be used when necessary, because it is generally more effective than reinforcement for being certain that students obey rules.

d.Punishment should be avoided, if possible, but in some cases it can be used effectively with careful professional judgment.




90.You are monitoring a group of students as they move from class to the lunchroom. One of your students lags a little behind the group and runs to catch up, which is against the rules because of the danger of being hurt or hurting someone else. Using research to guide your decision, which of the following is most effective?

a.Stop him from running, remind him that running is against the rules, and warn him not to do it again.

b.Give him a referral, and send him to the main office.

c.Keep the student in detention in your classroom for 15 minutes after school.

d.Have him return to where he started running and then walk to where he is going.


Use the following information for items 91 and 92.


You are leading a question-and-answer session with your students, and you notice that Jeremy is not paying attention, and that Jacinta is whispering to Gail. You call on Jeremy as you walk over and stand by Jacinta.


91.Noticing Jeremy’s inattentiveness and Jacinta’s whispering best illustrates:


b.organization. listening.



92.  Moving near Jacinta to stop her whispering best describes which of the following?

a.Using an indirect cue

b.Using a desist

c.Using active listening

d.Using a logical consequence




Intervening When Misbehavior Occurs
83.“You can’t get away with anything in : 1200577

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