Multiple-Choice Questions 1) Infants and children who suffer from malnutrition have : 1201239

Multiple-Choice Questions
1) Infants and children who suffer from malnutrition have : 1201239.


Multiple-Choice Questions


1) Infants and children who suffer from malnutrition have a higher mortality rate as a result of

A) starving to death because of the lack of food.

B) decreased resistance to infectious diseases.

C) diarrhea due to drinking unsanitary water.

D) the limited access to health care.


2) The food/population ratio is one of the major causes of undernutrition in developing countries. Which of the following is NOT a way to improve the food/population ratio?

A) Improve immunization programs in children to decrease the spread of infectious diseases.

B) Educate women to increase their earning power and productivity.

C) Improve methods to increase food production and the importation of foods from other countries.

D) Focus on increasing population growth.


3) Crops grown to be exported to other countries and not for local consumption are called what?

A) surplus crops

B) imported crops

C) cash crops

D) sustainable crops


4) The most common nutritional deficiency worldwide is

A) iron.

B) vitamin A.

C) iodine.

D) protein.


5) The lack of which nutrient in the diet can lead to night blindness in children?

A) vitamin C

B) iodine

C) zinc

D) vitamin A

6) A shift in dietary patterns from a lack of food to a high energy intake, which then results in the development of chronic disease, is called the nutrition

A) adaptation.

B) transition.

C) modification.

D) reallocation.


7) Which of the following individuals would NOT be eligible to receive the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) benefits?

A) Bonita, a three-month-old infant

B) Juan, a two-year-old child

C) Mary, a 32-year-old pregnant woman

D) James, a seven-year-old child


8) The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is responsible for what process regarding foods and surplus commodity foods during an emergency?

A) acquisition

B) sale

C) distribution

D) re-sale


9) In developed countries, the major cause of malnutrition is

A) natural disasters.

B) crime.

C) overpopulation.

D) the unequal distribution of available food.

10) The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that by 2020, deaths due to diabetes will increase worldwide by more than what percentage?

A) 10 percent

B) 25 percent

C) 35 percent

D) 50 percent

11) A child who is shorter than his or her expected height for age is suffering from

A) stunting.

B) height deprivation.

C) wasting.

D) linear growth delay.


12) Which of the following is NOT an effective long-term solution to malnutrition?

A) programs that encourage women to breastfeed their infants

B) immunization programs

C) transitioning of agricultural lands from sorghum and corn to cash crops

D) small-business loans to support community and family farms and gardens


13) What is the term for a situation in which people are unable to obtain enough food to meet their daily physical needs?

A) food poverty

B) food anxiety

C) food shortage

D) food insecurity


14) The type of undernutrition that affects toddlers who have recently been weaned from breast milk and given a diet that is severely lacking in protein is known as

A) kwashiorkor.

B) toddler malnutrition.

C) marasmus.

D) protein-deficit malnutrition.





Multiple-Choice Questions
1) Infants and children who suffer from malnutrition have : 1201239

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