Multiple-Choice Questions 1) Which of the following groups the MOST vulnerable : 1201255

Multiple-Choice Questions
1) Which of the following groups the MOST vulnerable : 1201255.


Multiple-Choice Questions


1) Which of the following groups are the MOST vulnerable to dehydration?

A) pregnant women and the elderly

B) adolescents and children

C) infants and pregnant women

D) infants and the elderly


2) Which of following does NOT explain why infants are at a higher risk of dehydration compared to adults?

A) Infants excrete urine at a higher rate.

B) Infants cannot tell parents or caregivers when they are thirsty.

C) Infants have a greater ratio of body surface area to body core.

D) Infants have a lower total body water percentage.


3) After completing a 10K run, Bonita notices that her urine is brown and similar to the color of cola. What does this indicate about Bonita’s hydration status?

A) She is well hydrated.

B) She may be inadequately hydrated and needs to replace fluids.

C) She is suffering from severe dehydration and needs treatment immediately.

D) The color of urine is not a reliable indicator of hydration status.


4) A potentially fatal condition characterized by the failure of the body’s heat-regulating mechanisms is heat

A) hypertension.

B) fever.

C) dehydration.

D) stroke.

5) Bert goes to the gym and works out strenuously for about 45 minutes. After his exercise bout he weighs himself and notices that he has lost a pound. How much fluid should he drink to rehydrate his body?

A) 1 cup

B) 2 cups

C) 3 cups

D) 4 cups


6) The MOST serious type of heat illness is heat

A) syncope.

B) cramps.

C) stroke.

D) exhaustion.


7) Which of the following individuals is LEAST likely to suffer dehydration?

A) Bill, who has the flu and has been suffering from vomiting and diarrhea for three days

B) Mario, who has diabetes with a blood glucose level of 100 mg/dL

C) Maria, who is a bulimic and vomits after every meal

D) Julio, who never takes diuretics or laxatives


8) A fluid loss greater than what percentage of body weight can result in organ failure, coma, and death?

A) 2 percent

B) 3 percent

C) 5 percent

D) 8 percent


9) Heat cramps that develop during vigorous physical activity in hot temperatures are due to

A) a fluid and electrolyte imbalance.

B) blood flow being diverted away from the muscles to the heart.

C) an internal body temperature exceeding 105°F.

D) an elevation in blood pressure.

10) Which of the following is NOT a recommended treatment of heat exhaustion?

A) Relocate to a cool location and drink a sports beverage.

B) Loosen clothing and cool the body with a shower or bath.

C) Seek medical attention if symptoms do not subside within an hour.

D) Place a heating pad in an area of the body where blood circulates close to the surface.


11) Which of the following is NOT one of the guidelines for preventing heat-related deaths in high school and collegiate athletes?

A) regular fluid breaks for athletes

B) changing the time of events to avoid periods of high heat and humidly

C) canceling training and competition during periods of high heat and humidity

D) attendance of a certified athletic trainer at all sporting events


12) Hyperventilation, core body temperature above 105°F, hot and dry skin, and rapid pulse are all symptoms of what type of heat illness?

A) heat stroke

B) heat exhaustion

C) heat syncope

D) heat cramps


13) Athletes are more likely to develop a heat illness on hot and humid days. Why?

A) The kidneys do not reabsorb water as well on hot and humid days.

B) The thirst mechanism is not as acute on hot and humid days.

C) In hot and humid weather the body cannot dissipate heat via evaporation of sweat.

D) On hot and humid days, blood flow is diverted away from the extremities, and the body cannot be cooled as fast.





Multiple-Choice Questions
1) Which of the following groups the MOST vulnerable : 1201255

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