Multiple-Choice Questions 1) Which of the following MOST accurately describes disordered : 1201236

Multiple-Choice Questions
1) Which of the following MOST accurately describes disordered : 1201236.


Multiple-Choice Questions


1) Which of the following MOST accurately describes disordered eating?

A) a psychiatric condition that requires a physician’s diagnosis

B) any condition in which one’s eating behavior changes more than six times per year

C) general term that describes a variety of abnormal or atypical eating behaviors

D) any disorder in which one attempts to reduce one’s body weight below a healthy range


2) Which of the following symptoms is characteristic of bulimia nervosa?

A) episodes of extreme overeating followed by purging

B) self-starvation

C) restrictive eating pattern

D) fasting


3) Which of the following family characteristics is NOT associated with anorexia nervosa?

A) rigid family structure

B) angry and disruptive family environment

C) avoidance of open discussions to resolve disagreements

D) less clear interpersonal boundaries


4) Obsessive-compulsive, perfectionist, socially inhibited, compliant, and emotionally restrained describe personality traits of

A) anorexia nervosa.

B) bulimia nervosa.

C) binge eating disorder.

D) obesity.


5) Which of the following does NOT describe a characteristic associated with muscle dysmorphia?

A) engaging in rigid and excessive exercise routines

B) avoiding social engagements

C) using muscle-enhancing drugs and/or supplements.

D) purging by the use of laxative and/or vomiting at least two times a day

6) Which of the following BEST explains why adolescents are more vulnerable to the unrealistic media images of the “perfect body” than are adults?

A) The images target young people.

B) Adolescents cannot comprehend the objective of advertisements.

C) Adolescents are developing their personal identity.

D) Adolescents cannot control their environment in the way adults can.


7) Which of the following is NOT symptomatic of anorexia nervosa?

A) refusal to maintain body weight at a minimally normal weight for age and height

B) absence of menstrual cycle unless hormones (estrogen-progesterone) are given

C) secretive consumption of large amounts of food in a short period of time

D) intense fear of gaining weight or becoming fat


8) Which of the following BEST describes why the body reduces nonvital body functions in untreated anorexia nervosa?

A) There is insufficient estrogen to regulate these functions.

B) The body is trying to maintain normal body temperature.

C) The body needs to conserve energy.

D) The individual’s activity level is very low.


9) The electrolyte imbalances that are often seen with eating disorders can result in

A) chronic constipation.

B) irregular heartbeat and heart failure.

C) elevated HDL-cholesterol.

D) bone loss.

10) Which of the following BEST explains why individuals with anorexia nervosa have an increased risk for developing osteoporosis?

A) decreased estrogen production

B) frequent electrolyte imbalance

C) malabsorption of calcium

D) low body weight





Multiple-Choice Questions
1) Which of the following MOST accurately describes disordered : 1201236

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