MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. A nurse assessing a 12-month-old infant. Which statement : 1361481

1. A nurse assessing a 12-month-old infant. Which statement : 1361481.


1. A nurse is assessing a 12-month-old infant. Which statement best describes the infant’s physical development a nurse should expect to find?

a. Anterior fontanel closes by age 6 to 10 months.

b. Binocularity is well established by age 8 months.

c. Birth weight doubles by age 5 months and triples by age 1 year.

d. Maternal iron stores persist during the first 12 months of life.

2. The nurse is assessing a 6-month-old healthy infant who weighed 7 pounds at birth. The nurse should expect the infant to now weigh approximately how many pounds?

a. 10

b. 15

c. 20

d. 25

3. The nurse is doing a routine assessment on a 14-month-old infant and notes that the anterior fontanel is closed. The nurse should interpret this as a(n):

a. normal finding.

b. finding requiring a referral.

c. abnormal finding.

d. normal finding, but requires rechecking in 1 month.

4. A nurse is assessing a 6-month-old infant. The nurse recognizes the posterior fontanel usually closes at which age?

a. 6 to 8 weeks

b. 10 to 12 weeks

c. 4 to 6 months

d. 8 to 10 months

5. The parents of a 9-month-old infant tell the nurse that they have noticed foods such as peas and corn are not completely digested and can be seen in their infant’s stools. The nurse’s explanation of this is based on which statement?

a. Child should not be given fibrous foods until digestive tract matures at age 4 years.

b. Child should not be given any solid foods until this digestive problem is resolved.

c. This is abnormal and requires further investigation.

d. This is normal because of the immaturity of digestive processes at this age.

6. A 3-month-old infant, born at 38 weeks of gestation, will hold a rattle if it is put in her hands, but she will not voluntarily grasp it. The nurse should interpret this as:

a. normal development.

b. significant developmental lag.

c. slightly delayed development due to prematurity.

d. suggestive of a neurologic disorder such as cerebral palsy.

7. In terms of fine motor development, what should the infant of 7 months be able to do?

a. Transfer objects from one hand to the other and bang cubes on a table.

b. Use thumb and index finger in crude pincer grasp and release an object at will.

c. Hold a crayon between the fingers and make a mark on paper.

d. Release cubes into a cup and build a tower of two blocks.

8. At what age can most infants sit steadily unsupported?

a. 4 months

b. 6 months

c. 8 months

d. 10 months

9. The parents of a 3-month-old infant report that their infant sleeps supine (face up) but is often prone (face down) while awake. The nurse’s response should be based on knowledge that this is:

a. unacceptable because of the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

b. unacceptable because it does not encourage achievement of developmental milestones.

c. acceptable to encourage fine motor development.

d. acceptable to encourage head control and turning over.

10. By which age should the nurse expect an infant to be able to pull to a standing position?

a. 6 months

b. 8 months

c. 11 to 12 months

d. 14 to 15 months



1. A nurse assessing a 12-month-old infant. Which statement : 1361481

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