MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. A young child has an intelligence quotient (IQ) : 1361508

1. A young child has an intelligence quotient (IQ) : 1361508.


1. A young child has an intelligence quotient (IQ) of 45. The nurse should document this finding as:

a. within the lower limits of the range of normal intelligence.

b. mild cognitive impairment but educable.

c. moderate cognitive impairment but trainable.

d. severe cognitive impairment and completely dependent on others for care.

2. When a child with mild cognitive impairment reaches the end of adolescence, which characteristic should be expected?

a. Achieves a mental age of 5 to 6 years

b. Achieves a mental age of 8 to 12 years

c. Unable to progress in functional reading or arithmetic

d. Acquires practical skills and useful reading and arithmetic to an eighth-grade level

3. When should children with cognitive impairment be referred for stimulation and educational programs?

a. As young as possible

b. As soon as they have the ability to communicate in some way

c. At age 3 years, when schools are required to provide services

d. At age 5 or 6 years, when schools are required to provide services

4. Which should be the major consideration when selecting toys for a child who is cognitively impaired?

a. Safety

b. Age appropriateness

c. Ability to provide exercise

d. Ability to teach useful skills

5. Appropriate interventions to facilitate socialization of the cognitively impaired child include:

a. providing age-appropriate toys and play activities.

b. providing peer experiences, such as scouting, when older.

c. avoiding exposure to strangers who may not understand cognitive development.

d. emphasizing mastery of physical skills because they are delayed more often than verbal skills.

6. The nurse is discussing sexuality with the parents of an adolescent girl with moderate cognitive impairment. Which should the nurse consider when dealing with this issue?

a. Sterilization is recommended for any adolescent with cognitive impairment.

b. Sexual drive and interest are limited in individuals with cognitive impairment.

c. Individuals with cognitive impairment need a well-defined, concrete code of sexual conduct.

d. Sexual intercourse rarely occurs unless the individual with cognitive impairment is sexually abused.

7. When caring for a newborn with Down syndrome, the nurse should be aware that the most common congenital anomaly associated with Down syndrome is:

a. hypospadias.

b. pyloric stenosis.

c. congenital heart disease.

d. congenital hip dysplasia.

8. Mark, a 9-year-old with Down syndrome, is mainstreamed into a regular third-grade class for part of the school day. His mother asks the school nurse about programs, such as Cub Scouts, that he might join. The nurse’s recommendation should be based on which statement?

a. Programs like Cub Scouts are inappropriate for children who are mentally retarded.

b. Children with Down syndrome have the same need for socialization as other children.

c. Children with Down syndrome socialize better with children who have similar disabilities.

d. Parents of children with Down syndrome encourage programs, such as scouting, because they deny that their children have disabilities.

9. What is one of the major physical characteristics of the child with Down syndrome?

a. Excessive height

b. Spots on the palms

c. Inflexibility of the joints

d. Hypotonic musculature

10. A newborn assessment shows separated sagittal suture, oblique palpebral fissures, depressed nasal bridge, protruding tongue, and transverse palmar creases. These findings are most suggestive of:

a. microcephaly.

b. Down syndrome.

c. cerebral palsy.

d. fragile X syndrome.



1. A young child has an intelligence quotient (IQ) : 1361508

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