MULTIPLE CHOICE 1.According to body mass index values, the percentage of : 1401624

1.According to body mass index values, the percentage of : 1401624.


1.According to body mass index values, the percentage of the Canadian adult population that is considered overweight or obese is which of these?

a.30 percent

b.40 percent

c.50 percent

d.60 percent

2.According to body mass index figures, what percentage of people aged 2–19 years are overweight or obese?

a.12 percent

b.26 percent

c.48 percent

d.68 percent

3.Which of these is the classification of a person who is 193 centimetres tall and 92 kg?


b.healthy weight



4.Which of the following describes a trend of worldwide obesity?

a.Nowadays, obesity is not seen in developing countries.

b.Prevalence of obesity is at an epidemic level.

c.The cutoff figure of the BMI for obesity varies from country to country.

d.The obesity in other countries does not seem to increase risks for chronic diseases.

5.Which of the following statements demonstrates the relationship between fat cell                                           development and weight?

a.The amount of fat in the body is substantially determined by the size of the fat cells.

b.More and larger fat cells are found in obese people compared with healthy-weight persons.

c.Fat cell number increases most readily during early adulthood, when energy expenditure declines.

d.Fat cells may enlarge but not increase in number upon reaching the age of 50 in males and reaching menopause in women.

6.Which one of the following describes the behaviour of fat cells?

a.The number decreases when fat is lost from the body.

b.The size is smaller in obese people than in normal-weight people.

c.The storage capacity for fat depends on cell type.

d.The number increases several-fold during the growth years and tapers off when adult status is reached.

7.Tom was overweight when he was 13. During puberty he continued to gain weight steadily until at age 23, when he decided to lose weight. Tom successfully lost 22.7 kg. Which of the following most likely happened to Tom’s fat cells?

a.They shrank in size but did not decrease in number.

b.They melted away when he burned all the excess fat.

c.They decreased in number but did not decrease in size.

d.They changed very little since fat cells shrink only with a weight loss greater than 45.5 kg

8.From which of the following areas of the body do women have the most difficulty in losing weight?





9.The most likely explanation for why women readily store fat around the hips whereas men readily store fat around the abdomen is gender differences in which of the following?

a.blood insulin levels

b.the activity of lipoprotein lipase

c.circulating lipid transport proteins

d.the activity of lipoprotein synthetase

10.Which of these is the rationale for the fat cell theory of obesity?

a.Fat cell number increases dramatically after puberty.

b.Fat cell number in an adult can decrease only by fasting.

c.Fat cell number increases most readily in late childhood and early puberty.

d.Weight gain from overeating in adults takes place primarily by increasing the number of fat cells.



1.According to body mass index values, the percentage of : 1401624

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