MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. The nurse planning a staff in-service childhood spastic : 1361563

1. The nurse planning a staff in-service childhood spastic : 1361563.



1. The nurse is planning a staff in-service on childhood spastic cerebral palsy. Spastic cerebral palsy is characterized by:

a. hypertonicity and poor control of posture, balance, and coordinated motion.

b. athetosis and dystonic movements.

c. wide-based gait and poor performance of rapid, repetitive movements.

d. tremors and lack of active movement.

2. The parents of a child with cerebral palsy ask the nurse whether any drugs can decrease their child’s spasticity. The nurse’s response should be based on which statement?

a. Anticonvulsant medications are sometimes useful for controlling spasticity.

b. Medications that would be useful in reducing spasticity are too toxic for use with children.

c. Many different medications can be highly effective in controlling spasticity.

d. Implantation of a pump to deliver medication into the intrathecal space to decrease spasticity has recently become available.

3. The nurse is preparing to admit a newborn with myelomeningocele to the neonatal intensive care nursery. Which describes this newborn’s defect?

a. Fissure in the spinal column that leaves the meninges and the spinal cord exposed

b. Herniation of the brain and meninges through a defect in the skull

c. Hernial protrusion of a saclike cyst of meninges with spinal fluid but no neural elements

d. Visible defect with an external saclike protrusion containing meninges, spinal fluid, and nerves

4. The nurse is conducting a staff in-service on common problems associated with myelomeningocele. Which common problem is associated with this defect?

a. Hydrocephalus

b. Craniosynostosis

c. Biliary atresia

d. Esophageal atresia

5. The nurse is teaching a group of nursing students about newborns born with the congenital defect of myelomeningocele. Which common problem is associated with this defect?

a. Neurogenic bladder

b. Mental retardation

c. Respiratory compromise

d. Cranioschisis

6. The nurse is reviewing prenatal vitamin supplements with an expectant client. Which supplement should be included in the teaching?

a. Vitamin A throughout pregnancy

b. Multivitamin preparations as soon as pregnancy is suspected

c. Folic acid for all women of childbearing age

d. Folic acid during the first and second trimesters of pregnancy

7. How much folic acid is recommended for women of childbearing age?

a. 1.0 mg

b. 0.4 mg

c. 1.5 mg

d. 2.0 mg

8. The nurse is caring for a neonate born with a myelomeningocele. Surgery to repair the defect is scheduled the next day. The most appropriate way to position and feed this neonate is which position?

a. Prone and tube-fed

b. Prone, head turned to side, and nipple-fed

c. Supine in an infant carrier and nipple-fed

d. Supine, with defect supported with rolled blankets, and nipple-fed

9. The nurse is talking to a parent with a child who has a latex allergy. Which statement by the parent would indicate a correct understanding of the teaching?

a. “My child will have an allergic reaction if he comes in contact with yeast products.”

b. “My child may have an upset stomach if he eats a food made with wheat or barley.”

c. “My child will probably develop an allergy to peanuts.”

d. “My child should not eat bananas or kiwis.”

10. Latex allergy is suspected in a child with spina bifida. Appropriate nursing interventions include which action?

a. Avoid using any latex product.

b. Use only nonallergenic latex products.

c. Administer medication for long-term desensitization.

d. Teach family about long-term management of asthma.




1. The nurse planning a staff in-service childhood spastic : 1361563

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