MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. The nurse teaching a group of 10- to : 1361496

1. The nurse teaching a group of 10- to : 1361496.


1. The nurse is teaching a group of 10- to 12-year-old children about physical development during the school-age years. Which statement made by a participant, indicates the correct understanding of the teaching?

a. “My body weight will be almost triple in the next few years.”

b. “I will grow an average of 2 inches per year from this point on.”

c. “There are not that many physical differences among school-age children.”

d. “I will have a gradual increase in fat, which may contribute to a heavier appearance.”

2. Generally, the earliest age at which puberty begins is _____ years in girls, _____ in boys.

a. 13; 13

b. 11; 11

c. 10; 12

d. 12; 10

3. Which describes the cognitive abilities of school-age children?

a. Have developed the ability to reason abstractly

b. Are capable of scientific reasoning and formal logic

c. Progress from making judgments based on what they reason to making judgments based on what they see

d. Are able to classify, to group and sort, and to hold a concept in their minds while making decisions based on that concept

4. Which describes moral development in younger school-age children?

a. The standards of behavior now come from within themselves.

b. They do not yet experience a sense of guilt when they misbehave.

c. They know the rules and behaviors expected of them but do not understand the reasons behind them.

d. They no longer interpret accidents and misfortunes as punishment for misdeeds.

5. Which statement characterizes moral development in the older school-age child?

a. They are able to judge an act by the intentions that prompted it rather than just by the consequences.

b. Rules and judgments become more absolute and authoritarian.

c. They view rule violations in an isolated context.

d. They know the rules but cannot understand the reasons behind them.

6. An 8-year-old girl tells the nurse that she has cancer because God is punishing her for “being bad.” She shares her concern that if she dies, she will go to hell. The nurse should interpret this as:

a. a belief common at this age.

b. a belief that forms the basis for most religions.

c. suggestive of excessive family pressure.

d. suggestive of a failure to develop a conscience.

7. Parents ask the nurse whether it is common for their school-age child to spend a lot of time with peers. The nurse should respond, explaining that the role of the peer group in the life of school-age children provides:

a. opportunity to become defiant.

b. time to remain dependent on their parents for a longer time.

c. time to establish a one-on-one relationship with the opposite sex.

d. security as they gain independence from their parents.

8. A group of boys ages 9 and 10 years have formed a “boys-only” club that is open to neighborhood and school friends who have skateboards. This should be interpreted as:

a. behavior that encourages bullying and sexism.

b. behavior that reinforces poor peer relationships.

c. characteristic of social development at this age.

d. characteristic of children who later are at risk for membership in gangs.

9. A school nurse observes school-age children playing at recess. Which is descriptive of the play the nurse expects to observe?

a. Individuality in play is better tolerated than at earlier ages.

b. Knowing the rules of a game gives an important sense of belonging.

c. They like to invent games, making up the rules as they go.

d. Team play helps children learn the universal importance of competition and winning.

10. Teasing can be common during the school-age years. The nurse should recognize that which applies to teasing?

a. Can have a lasting effect on children

b. Is not a significant threat to self-concept

c. Is rarely based on anything that is concrete

d. Is usually ignored by the child who is being teased



1. The nurse teaching a group of 10- to : 1361496

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