Multiple Choice 1. The process of choosing the group of individuals : 1260333

Multiple Choice
1. The process of choosing the group of individuals : 1260333.

Multiple Choice


1. The process of choosing the group of individuals to survey is called __________ and the group of individuals chosen is the __________.

A) targeting, population

B) targeting, sample

C) sampling, population

D) sampling, sample

2. Which of the following is true in most cases,

A) sampling an entire population is practical

B) the cost and time to conduct the survey for large populations is not prohibitive

C) properly selected survey samples can provide results that accurately reflect the entire population within an acceptable degree of error

D) it is usually not difficult to locate everyone in a population

3. The first step in sampling is to define the

A) needed statistical power

B) target population

C) sample frame

D) incidence rate goal

4. The ___________ is the listing of people or objects from which the sample will be drawn

A) incidence rate

B) sample frame

C) target population

D) target element

5. Which of the following is NOT one of the mentioned problems in the text of using a telephone directory to identify a sampling frame in a city today?

A) a large number of individuals have unlisted phone numbers

B) many individuals no longer even have a land line

C) no directory exists for cell phones

D) all of the above are mentioned problems

6. Identifying a sample frame does NOT involve

A) combining multiple sources

B) purging duplicate entries

C) use a syndicated data provider to identify media subscription lists, such as to magazine titles, to use as part of the sampling frame when the media in question feature a lifestyle activity that is related to the purpose of the study or the manufacturer’s brand.

D) all of the above can be a part of identifying a sample frame

7. As to national US household samples,

A) mail survey were the staple approach in the past

B) random-digit dialing is used to overcome cell phones not being listed in directories

C) The US Post Office’s second generation database (DSF2) is the most comprehensive list of addresses available with over 135 million addresses

D) has been a shift away from using online samples and online research panels because of nonresponse bias concerns

8. When it comes to choosing a sampling procedure,

A) the decision is typically made at the same time as identifying the sampling frame

B) researchers can choose between probability and nonprobabilty samples

C) Both of the above

D) None of the above

9. With a probability sample

A) the probability of each member is equal

B) the probability for each member is unknown

C) a disadvantage is that sampling error cannot be computed

D) an advantage is that the exact probability is determined by the process used to select the sample.

10. While the differences between online users and non-online users in the United States is _________, in other countries the differences is often _________.

A) not that great, much larger

B) not that great, much smaller

C) significant, much larger

D) significant, much smaller

11. In western countries, such as the United States, the refusal rate to participate is ________ versus in other countries where the Internet is new and online survey research is in its infancy.

A) lower

B) about the same

C) higher

D) medium

12. A statistical method to check for representativeness is the _________.

A) frequency distribution

B) chi-square test

C) paired sample t-test

D) independent sample t-test

13. Assume a chi-square value of 4.918 with a corresponding p-value of .027. According to these results, there is _________ between the variable makeup of the sample and what was expected for the population and the sample ________ of the population in terms of gender.

A) a significant difference, is representative

B) a significant difference, is not representative

C) not a significant difference, is representative

D) not a significant difference, is not representative



Multiple Choice
1. The process of choosing the group of individuals : 1260333

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