MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Which should the nurse consider when having consent : 1361515

1. Which should the nurse consider when having consent : 1361515.


1. Which should the nurse consider when having consent forms signed for surgery and procedures on children?

a. Only a parent or legal guardian can give consent.

b. The person giving consent must be at least 18 years old.

c. The risks and benefits of a procedure are part of the consent process.

d. A mental age of 7 years or older is required for a consent to be considered “informed.”

2. The nurse is planning to prepare a 4-year-old child for some diagnostic procedures. Guidelines for preparing this preschooler should include which action?

a. Plan for a short teaching session of about 30 minutes.

b. Tell the child that procedures are never a form of punishment.

c. Keep equipment out of the child’s view.

d. Use correct scientific and medical terminology in explanations.

3. Katie, 4 years old, is admitted to outpatient surgery for removal of a cyst on her foot. Her mother puts the hospital gown on her, but Katie is crying because she wants to leave on her underpants. The most appropriate nursing action is to:

a. allow her to wear her underpants.

b. discuss with her mother why this is important to Katie.

c. ask her mother to explain to her why she cannot wear them.

d. explain in a kind, matter-of-fact manner that this is hospital policy.

4. Using knowledge of child development, which is the best approach when preparing a toddler for a procedure?

a. Avoid asking the child to make choices.

b. Demonstrate the procedure on a doll.

c. Plan for teaching session to last about 20 minutes.

d. Show necessary equipment without allowing child to handle it.

5. The nurse is preparing a 12-year-old girl for a bone marrow aspiration. The girl tells the nurse she wants her mother with her “like before.” The most appropriate nursing action is to:

a. grant her request.

b. explain why this is not possible.

c. identify an appropriate substitute for her mother.

d. offer to provide support to her during the procedure.

6. The emergency department nurse is cleaning multiple facial abrasions on a 9-year-old child whose mother is present. The child is crying and screaming loudly. The nurse’s action should be to:

a. ask the child to be quieter.

b. have the child’s mother give instructions about relaxation.

c. tell the child it is okay to cry and scream.

d. remove the mother from the room.

7. In some genetically susceptible children, anesthetic agents can trigger malignant hyperthermia. The nurse should be alert in observing that, in addition to an increased temperature, an early sign of this disorder is:

a. apnea.

b. bradycardia.

c. muscle rigidity.

d. decreased blood pressure.

8. The nurse is caring for an unconscious child. Skin care should include which action?

a. Avoid use of pressure reduction on bed.

b. Massage reddened bony prominences to prevent deep tissue damage.

c. Use draw sheet to move child in bed to reduce friction and shearing injuries.

d. Avoid rinsing skin after cleansing with mild antibacterial soap to provide a protective barrier.

9. An appropriate intervention to encourage food and fluid intake in a hospitalized child is to:

a. force child to eat and drink to combat caloric losses.

b. discourage participation in noneating activities until caloric intake is sufficient.

c. administer large quantities of flavored fluids at frequent intervals and during meals.

d. give high-quality foods and snacks whenever child expresses hunger.

10. A 6-year-old child is hospitalized for intravenous (IV) antibiotic therapy. He eats little on his “regular diet” trays. He tells the nurse that all he wants to eat is pizza, tacos, and ice cream. Which is the best nursing action?

a. Request these favorite foods for him.

b. Identify healthier food choices that he likes.

c. Explain that he needs fruits and vegetables.

d. Reward him with ice cream at end of every meal that he eats.



1. Which should the nurse consider when having consent : 1361515

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