MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Which the most critical physiologic change required of the : 1361469

1. Which the most critical physiologic change required of the : 1361469.


1. Which is the most critical physiologic change required of the newborn?

a.Closure of fetal shunts in the heart

b.Stabilization of fluid and electrolytes

c.Body-temperature maintenance

d.Onset of breathing

2. Which is a function of brown adipose tissue (BAT) in the newborn?

a.Provides ready source of calories in the newborn period

b.Insulates the body against lowered environmental temperature

c.Protects the newborn from injury during the birth process

d.Generates heat for distribution to other parts of body

3. Which characteristic is representative of the newborn’s gastrointestinal tract?

a.Stomach capacity is approximately 90 ml.

b.Peristaltic waves are relatively slow.

c.Overproduction of pancreatic amylase occurs.

d.Intestines are shorter in relation to body size.

4. The nurse notes the first stool of a newborn is black and tarry. Which term is used to describe this type of stool?




d.Milk stool

5. A nurse notes that a 12-hour-old newborn has not had the first meconium stool. The nurse documents this finding and continues to monitor the newborn because, in term newborns, the first meconium stool occurs within how many hours of birth?

a.6 to 8

b.8 to 12

c.12 to 24

d.24 to 48

6. A nurse is doing an assessment on a newborn. Which is characteristic of a newborn’s vision at birth and an expected finding during the assessment?

a.Ciliary muscles are mature.

b.Blink reflex is absent.

c.Tear glands function.

d.Pupils react to light.

7. The Apgar score of a newborn 5 minutes after birth is 8. Which is the nurse’s best interpretation of this?

a.Resuscitation is likely to be needed.

b.Adjustment to extrauterine life is adequate.

c.Additional scoring in 5 more minutes is needed.

d.Maternal sedation or analgesia contributed to the low score.

8. The nurse is presenting an in-service session on assessing gestational age in newborns. Which information should be included?

a.The newborn’s length and weight are the most accurate indicators of gestational age.

b.The newborn’s Apgar score and the mother’s estimated date of confinement (EDC) are combined to determine gestational age.

c.The newborn’s posture at rest and arm recoil are two physical signs used to determine gestational age.

d.The newborn’s chest circumference compared to the head circumference is the determinant for gestational age.

9. The nurse is assessing a 3-day-old, breast-fed newborn who weighed 7 pounds, 8 ounces at birth. The newborn’s mother is now concerned that the newborn weighs 6 pounds, 15 ounces. Which is the most appropriate nursing intervention?

a.Recommend supplemental feedings of formula.

b.Explain that this weight loss is within normal limits.

c.Assess child further to determine cause of excessive weight loss.

d.Encourage mother to express breast milk for bottle feeding the newborn.

10. Why are rectal temperatures not recommended in the newborn?

a.They are inaccurate.

b.They do not reflect core body temperature.

c.They can cause perforation of rectal mucosa.

d.They take too long to obtain an accurate reading.



1. Which the most critical physiologic change required of the : 1361469

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