Planning for Effective Classroom Management 26.Three of the following principles of : 1200584

Planning for Effective Classroom Management
26.Three of the following principles of : 1200584.


Planning for Effective Classroom Management


26.Three of the following are principles of planning for classroom management. Which of the following is not a principle of planning for classroom management?

a.Effective management depends on teachers’ ability to quickly stop misbehavior.

b.Developmental differences influence classroom management.

c.Organization is essential for effective classroom management.

d.Rules and procedures are the cornerstone of an effective management system.


27.Sam Good, a new fourth-grade teacher, wants to prevent classroom problems before they occur, so he is planning carefully. As he plans his management system, which of the following is the best advice?

a.Be sure to consider both the characteristics of students and the physical environment.

b.Ask other beginning teachers how they’re planning their management systems.

c.Design a token reward system, and have a catalog of rewards.

d.Be stern, don’t smile, and be tough for the first few months.


28.Which of the following best describes characteristics of elementary students that are important considerations for classroom management?

a.Students in these grades respond well to specific consequences for breaking rules.

b.Students in these grades need rules that make sense to them and are concretely taught.

c.Students in these grades are strongly influenced by peers.

d.Students in these grades have strong needs for belonging and social acceptance.


29.Developing a sense of personal autonomy as they move from their family to the school setting, and creating a predictable school environment because it mirrors the stability the students hopefully experience in the home is most important for which of the following?


b.Fifth graders

c.Ninth graders

d.Twelfth graders





30.“I try to give my kids enough freedom so I don’t quash their initiative but enough structure so they feel secure,” Donna Ayers comments. If Donna is designing a management system to most effectively take the developmental characteristics of her students into account, she most likely teaches:

a.first grade.

b.seventh grade.

c.tenth grade.

d.twelfth grade.


31.Brad Everett realizes that social acceptance is important to his students, so he creates a rule forbidding any form of social rejection in his class. Taking this characteristic of his students into account suggests that Brad most likely teaches:

a.first graders.

b.fourth graders.

c.eighth graders.

d.eleventh graders.


Respond to items 32-36 based on the following vignette.


Two married couples are friends, and all four teach.  Sarah is a first-grade teacher; her husband, Don, teaches eleventh-grade English; Diane is an eighth-grade math teacher; and her husband, Al, teaches fifth grade.  Assume their students’ characteristics are consistent with patterns identified by research.


32.While it’s important to present clear and explicit rules in all cases, the teacher for whom explicit teaching, practicing, and reinforcing of rules is most important is:






33.The teacher whose students are most likely to break rules because they simply forget is:






34.The teacher who is most likely to have problems with capricious and “flaky” behavior on the part of the students is:






35.The firm hand of a caring teacher who sets clear limits for acceptable behavior is most important for whose students?








Planning for Effective Classroom Management
26.Three of the following principles of : 1200584

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