Refer to the scenario below, and then answer the following : 1380896

Refer to the scenario below, and then answer the following : 1380896.



Refer to the scenario below, and then answer the following question(s).


As part of your independent study in field biology, you are sent to the seashore to take samples. In one of your samples, you discover a flexible, sessile creature. It looks somewhat plant-like, but then you notice a polyp that is producing medusa-like animals.



31) The creature is likely to be related to:

A) Arthropods such as lobsters.

B) Echinoderms such as sea cucumbers.

C) Poriferans such as sponges.

D) Chordates such as sea squirts.

E) Cnidarians such as Obelia.


32) The type of reproduction you are observing is:

A) sexual reproduction.

B) asexual budding.

C) parthenogenesis.

D) oviparous.

E) viviparous.


33) A form of asexual reproduction in which an unfertilized egg can develop into an adult organism is:

A) budding.

B) fission.

C) oviparous reproduction.

D) parthenogenesis.

E) hermaphrodism.

34) A hermaphrodite is an organism that:

A) generally reproduces asexually.

B) does not require males for sexual reproduction.

C) possesses both male and female sex organs.

D) can select the sex of its offspring.

E) usually stores sperm in female structures for months after copulation.


35) External fertilization of eggs in animals is:

A) rarely seen except in aquatic environments.

B) most common in arthropods.

C) less common in cnidarians.

D) absent in vertebrate species.

E) most common among hermaphroditic species.


36) In addition to maintaining a wet environment necessary for survival of the embryo, what other essential characteristic does the amniotic egg possess?

A) a shell that most predators cannot break

B) ability to absorb nutrients from the environment

C) easier fertilization

D) low energy/material for the mother to produce

E) ability to allow for gas exchange


37) Extra protective behaviors toward young may have evolved from a common ancestor in evolutionary lines leading to the:

A) mammals, turtles, and snakes.

B) crocodiles, dinosaurs, and birds.

C) turtles, snakes, and lizards.

D) amphibians, lizards, and fish.

E) dinosaurs, turtles, and lizards.


38) What replaces the membranes and nutrition source of amniotic eggs in organisms that exhibit live birth without amniotic eggs?

A) yolk sac

B) amnion

C) placenta

D) allantois

E) chorion

39) Reptiles, birds, and some mammals share which of the following characteristics?

A) are predators

B) are warm-blooded

C) exhibit live birth

D) have light, hollow bones

E) produce amniotic eggs


40) When we say an animal has an “open circulatory system,” this means that:

A) a small amount of blood may leak out of vessels.

B) blood flows out of vessels and into spaces or sinuses.

C) the animal has a single-chambered heart, so blood mixes from all areas.

D) there are no vessels–blood simply fills all spaces inside the coelom.

E) movement of the animal is solely responsible for moving circulatory fluid.





Refer to the scenario below, and then answer the following : 1380896

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