Self-Regulated Learners: Developing Student Responsibility 9.Developing student responsibility most closely : 1200567

Self-Regulated Learners: Developing Student Responsibility
9.Developing student responsibility most closely : 1200567.


Self-Regulated Learners: Developing Student Responsibility


9.Developing student responsibility is most closely related to the development of:






10.Students’ ability to set personal goals and use their thought processes and behaviors to reach the goals best describes which of the following?

a.Task attraction





11.At the initial developmental stage of self-regulation, students attempt to reach goals to:

a.receive rewards and avoid punishers.

b.develop a sense of autonomy.

c.increase their self-efficacy.

d.become self-actualized.


12.According to your text, developing student self-regulation is most strongly grounded in:

a.self-efficacy theory.

b.self-worth theory.

c.self-determination theory.

d.self-assessment theory.


13.  Which of the following is not considered to be a part of self-regulation?

a.Monitoring goals


c.Task comprehension

d.Strategy use


14.According to your text, the first step in helping learners develop self-regulation is to: their prior knowledge.

b.enhance their motivation.

c.develop their critical thinking skills. them set goals.







15.Three of the following statements are suggestions for developing learner self-regulation. Which one is not a suggestion for developing learner self-regulation?

a.Emphasize the relationship between responsibility and learning.

b.Solicit student input into procedures that promote responsibility.

c.Teach responsibility as a concept, and link consequences to actions.

d.Reward students during learning activities when they demonstrate self-regulation.


Use the following information for items 16-18.


Dan Kraus is trying to develop self-regulation in his students. To help reach his goal, he displays the following vignettes on the overhead.


Andy always brings his books, notebook, and pencils to school. He has a checklist that he uses to mark off each of his items and to be sure that he’s done and understands his homework in each class. If he isn’t sure that he understands a part of his homework, he always asks the next day. Andy is doing well in school, and he says he’s learning a lot. He says his classes are interesting, and his teachers respect how conscientious he is.


Jordan is often in trouble with his teachers because he often forgets to bring either his book, or his notebook, or his pencil to class. He sometimes forgets to do his homework, and he often leaves it in his locker, so he doesn’t get credit for the assignment. Mr. Williams, Jordan’s teacher, called his mom because he was so flaky, and now he can’t watch TV for a week. Jordan isn’t doing very well in some of his classes. He says he’s bored, and he doesn’t feel like he’s learning very much.


16.Dan’s use of the vignettes to illustrate the relationship between actions and consequences best illustrates which of the following in his efforts to promote self-regulation in his students?

a.Dan’s examples are evidence of his high personal teaching efficacy.

b.Dan is demonstrating high teacher expectations.

c.Dan is attempting to teach responsibility as a concept.

d.Dan is attempting to demonstrate that he cares about his students.


17.During the discussion of the vignettes, the students conclude that being conscientious is important if students want to do well in school. Of the following, this conclusion best relates to which suggestion for promoting self-regulation in students?

a.Emphasizing the relationship between responsibility and learning

b.Soliciting student input into class procedures that include responsibility

c.Modeling responsibility and a mastery focus

d.Providing a concrete mechanism to help students monitor goal achievement


18.Dan also makes it a point to always return quizzes and tests the day after they’re given. “You have to turn your homework in on time, so I have to return your tests on time,” he periodically says to the students. Based on his comments, which of the following best describes Dan’s efforts to promote self-regulation in his students?

a.Dan is attempting to demonstrate high personal teaching efficacy.

b.Dan is attempting to demonstrate that he cares about his students.

c.Dan is attempting to communicate high expectations for his students.

d.Dan is attempting to model responsibility for his students.




Self-Regulated Learners: Developing Student Responsibility
9.Developing student responsibility most closely : 1200567

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