Students Who Are Gifted and Talented     108.  Which of the : 1200678

Students Who Are Gifted and Talented
    108.  Which of the : 1200678.


Students Who Are Gifted and Talented


    108.  Which of the following characteristics is most likely to be found in students who are gifted and talented?

a.High personal standards for achievement

b.Low motivation for challenging tasks

c.Decreased social skills

d.Increased emotional disorders


    109.Louis Terman and his colleagues found several characteristics of people who were gifted. Which of the following is not one of those characteristics?

a.The gifted people were healthier than were their peers.

b.The gifted people were more likely to be loners than were their peers.

c.The gifted people’s language skills were more developed than were the skills of their peers.

d.The gifted people were better able to work independently than were their peers.


  110.Based on characteristics of students who are gifted and talented, which of the following students is least likely to be gifted?

a.When Josh, a second grader, reads a narrative story that he has written, his characters are complex, and he uses similes and other vivid language in his descriptions.

b.Audrey enjoys being alone, but she is healthy, well adjusted, and enjoys doing difficult Sudoku puzzles.

c.Jim, a third grader, periodically makes comments in class that are not typical for a student his age, such as, “I don’t think it’s right to treat someone different just because they look different than we do.”

d.Angela, a fourth grader, has well-developed self-regulation skills and good study strategies. She always goes in her room after evening meal and does her homework without having to be reminded by her parents, and she gets excellent grades.


  111.  John, a White student, and Dario, a Hispanic student in Mrs. Stevens fifth-grade class, both do high-quality schoolwork.  John, in fact, is a model student.  He follows directions, his work is extremely neat, and he is never a management problem.  Dario, although a bit sloppy in some of his homework, has a great imagination, and often offers a perspective that the other students don’t think of in discussing problems and issues.  He can be slightly disruptive, although not a serious management problem.  John and Dario scored similarly on achievement tests in the fourth grade. Based on this information, if Mrs. Stevens’s class is consistent with patterns identified by research, which of the following is most likely?

a.John is more likely to be identified as gifted than is Dario.

b.Dario is more likely to be identified as gifted than is John.

c.John and Dario are equally likely to be identified as gifted.

d.Neither John nor Dario is likely to be identified as gifted, since we have no evidence that either has taken an intelligence test.


  112.Programs for the gifted usually either focus on acceleration or enrichment. Which of the following is the best example of an acceleration program?

a.Learning centers in science for first graders

b.Advanced placement courses in high school

c.Academic competitions, such as math competitions between schools

d.Independent studies where teachers work with students one-on-one


  113.  Salvador is tenth-grade student who is gifted and talented in a small rural school.  The school doesn’t have a comprehensive gifted program, so his teacher, Ms. Dixon, provides Salvador some enrichment opportunities.  Which of the following is an enrichment option she might provide to Salvador?

a.She  works with Salvador on two independent study projects in science.

b.She allows Salvador to go to the local community college for math.

c.She sends Salvador to the eleventh grade for writing.

d.She helps Salvador enroll in an online course in calculus, since the course is usually reserved for twelfth graders.


Essay Items


  114. Explain the difference between acceleration and enrichment programs for students who are gifted and talented, and provide an example of each. Describe one argument favoring each position.


  115.Describe three guidelines that can help you as you attempt to maximize learning opportunities for students who are gifted and talented, and provide an example of each.




Students Who Are Gifted and Talented
    108.  Which of the : 1200678

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