The Teacher’s Role in Inclusive Classrooms     116.General education classroom teachers : 1200679

The Teacher’s Role in Inclusive Classrooms
    116.General education classroom teachers : 1200679.


The Teacher’s Role in Inclusive Classrooms


    116.General education classroom teachers have three important responsibilities in working with students who have exceptionalities. Which of the following is not one of those responsibilities?

a.Assisting in identifying students who may need additional help

b.Specifying the number of learners with exceptionalities who will be in their classes

c.Modifying their instruction to best meet the needs of students with exceptionalities in their classes

d.Encouraging acceptance of all students in their classes


    117.  Before a student with a possible learning problem is referred for a special education evaluation, the general education classroom teacher is expected to:

a.analyze the problem and try alternative instructional strategies.

b.check the student’s records for evidence of previous problems, referrals, or evaluations.

c.form a prereferral team to evaluate the problem.

d.plan testing strategies to solve the problem.


    118.Three of the following choices are involved in the process of identifying students who may have exceptionalities. Which one is not part of that process?

a.Assessing students’ performance in specific areas of the curriculum

b.Documenting learning problems and attempts to solve them

c.Assessing the extent to which students can perform everyday school tasks, such as completing assignments

d.Implementing classroom management plans for students with behavior disorders














   119. Because of his uneven academic performance in your class, you suspect that Justin, one of your students, has a learning disability.  Of the following, which is the first step you should take in attempting to get additional help for him?

a.You must first report your findings to the exceptional student specialists in your school.  Once you have filed your report, your responsibility has been met.

b.You must first report your findings to the exceptional student specialists in your school, and if diagnosis confirms an exceptionality, Justin will be removed from your classroom and placed in a special class. You will be expected to accommodate his needs the best you can until he is removed.

c.You must first report your findings to the exceptional student specialists in your school.  If diagnosis confirms an exceptionality, you will be expected to accommodate your instruction to meet Justin’s needs as effectively as possible.

d.You must first describe the problem including how it is affecting Justin’s academic performance, strategies you’ve tried to solve it, and how well the strategies have worked.


  120. Part of the process involved in identifying students who might have exceptionalities includes assessing their adaptive behavior. Which of the following best illustrates a lack of adaptive behavior that might indicate an exceptionality?

a.Owen takes longer than his classmates to complete seat-work assignments, and he usually has to take them home to be completed there.

b.Candice is a very outgoing girl who sometimes forgets herself, so she has to be periodically reminded to raise her hand before speaking.

c.Luke regularly forgets to take his assignments home and often comes to school without the assignments done.

d.Isaac is an active student who sometimes comes to class a bit disheveled because he has been involved in horseplay with his friends before school starts.


  121. Which of the following is the most accurate illustration of curriculum-based assessment?

a.In order to help in making the decision about whether or not to place Kelly in a resource class for exceptional students, she is given an individualized intelligence test.

b.In an effort to assess Ron’s reading comprehension, he is given a test that consists of a series of paragraphs in which he is asked to find the main idea.

c.In an effort to assess Jeff’s understanding of science concepts, Mrs. Grimm goes to Jeff’s records and looks at his Stanford Achievement Test results in science.

d.Suspecting that P.J. may have a vision problem, he is given a vision screening test by a county health official.


  122. You have a girl named Adrian in your class, whom you believe may have an exceptionality in reading. You’ve tried adapting your instruction, but the strategies you’ve tried have not been successful. Of the following, which best describes the next step you should take?

a.Initiate a referral.

b.Give Adrian an intelligence test.

c.Talk to another teacher who has experience with Adrian.

d.Ask a colleague for some ideas about additional strategies that you might try.


    123. When a teacher initiates a referral, a prereferral team is created. Which of the following is not a member of the prereferral team?

a.The classroom teacher

b.A school psychologist

c.A special educator

d.The student’s parents





    124. After a prereferral team is formed and the problem is further diagnosed, which of the following is contacted?

a.The school principal

b.A district-level special education specialist

c.The child’s parents

d.The grade-level or department chairperson


    125.Which of the following statements best describes effective instruction for students with exceptionalities?

a.With extra support such as one-on-one help, instruction that is effective with students in general is also effective with students having exceptionalities.

b.Instruction that is effective with students in general is also effective with students having exceptionalities if a special education specialist is in the room to supervise the instruction.

c.Instruction that is effective with students in general is also effective with students having exceptionalities, and students are expected to adapt their learning strategies so they can succeed.

d.Effective instruction for learners with exceptionalities is different from effective instruction in general, and teachers need special training to learn how to conduct this instruction.




The Teacher’s Role in Inclusive Classrooms
    116.General education classroom teachers : 1200679

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