Use the following example for items 118 and 119. Nikki wants : 1200693

Use the following example for items 118 and 119.
Nikki wants : 1200693.


Use the following example for items 118 and 119.


Nikki wants to learn how to serve effectively in tennis, but she doesn’t quite know how to begin. Nikki watches a DVD of Serena Williams’s serve, seeing the power and smoothness of her swing. She carefully watches Serena serve and also listens carefully as Serena describes how difficult it was to learn to serve.

“Why don’t you study Roger Federer’s serve?” Nikki’s coach, Mrs. Cooper suggests. “It’s so easy and fluid. It seems so natural for him.”

Nikki rents a DVD of Roger Federer’s serve and does as Mrs. Cooper suggests. She incorporates some of Federer’s techniques into her serve, but she returns to Serena’s and her serve looks mostly like Serena’s now.


  118.Two forms of modeling are illustrated in the example. They are: and symbolic. and abstract. and synthesized.

d.symbolic and synthesized.



  119.The modeling effect, or modeling outcome, best illustrated in the example is a(n):

a.learning new behaviors effect.

b.arousing emotions effect.

c.focusing attention effect.

d.weakening inhibition effect.


  120.Emily watches her older brother while he plays soccer.  She then goes out to soccer practice and tries to play like he does.  What type of modeling does this illustrate?

a.Direct modeling

b.Vicarious modeling

c.Symbolic modeling

d.Synthesized modeling


  121.A second grader reads a story about Robin Hood and asks his dad to help him make a bow and arrow. Of the following, this request best illustrates a behavior caused by: modeling.

b.indirect modeling.

c.symbolic modeling.

d.synthesized modeling.


  122.Lori says to her boyfriend, Fred, “C’mon, let’s dance,” as a DJ began another set.

“Wait a minute,” he responds. “Not right now. We’re having fun talking.”

“Aww,” Lori continues. “You’re such a good dancer. You can do any of these better than the other people out there.”

Fred shrugs and smiles at Lori’s enthusiasm.

Two other couples then go out to the dance floor as Lori and Fred continued chatting and glancing across the floor.

“Okay, let’s go,” Fred says, pulling Lori onto the floor.

Of the following, the best explanation for Fred’s wanting to dance is:

a.seeing the other couples dance weakened Fred’s inhibition about dancing.

b.seeing the other couples dance facilitated an existing behavior in Fred.

c.Fred learned the dance step from watching the other couples dance, so he learned a new behavior.

d.Lori’s enthusiasm heightened Fred’s enthusiasm, so an emotional arousal effect took place.


Use the following information for items 123 and 124.


A group of people is watching a guitar soloist play a difficult piece of music. After a particularly impressive display of skill, someone in the audience begins to applaud. The rest of the audience then applauds as well.


  123.Of the following, the type of modeling best illustrated by the audience’s applause is:





  124.The modeling effect, or modeling outcome, illustrated in the example is best described as a(n):

a.emotional arousal effect.

b.facilitating existing behaviors effect.

c.focusing attention effect.

d.weakening inhibition effect.





Items 125 and 126 are related.


  125.A pedestrian standing at a red light sees someone else cross against the light and then does the same.  This is an example of: modeling.

b.indirect modeling.

c.symbolic modeling.

d.synthesized modeling.


  126. The modeling effect, or modeling outcome, best illustrated in this example is:

a.learning a new behavior.

b.facilitating an existing behavior.

c.changing an inhibition.

d.arousing an emotion.


  127.A four-year-old observes his brother kick the basketball after missing a shot and hears his father cuss after making a mistake.  When he plays basketball and misses a shot, he kicks the ball and cusses.  This is an example of: modeling.

b.indirect modeling.

c.symbolic modeling.

d.synthesized modeling.




Use the following example for items 118 and 119.
Nikki wants : 1200693

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