Use the following information for items 48 and 49. Mrs. Shaw : 1200716

Use the following information for items 48 and 49.
Mrs. Shaw : 1200716.


Use the following information for items 48 and 49.


Mrs. Shaw displayed the following problem on the board:

A coat originally priced for $60 is marked down 20%. After a week at the marked down price, no one has purchased the coat, so the store marks the sale price 50% off. What is the final price of the coat?


48.  Katilyna looks at the problem and says, “In changing a percentage to a decimal, move the decimal point left two places.” The term that best describes the kind of knowledge Katilyna is demonstrating with her comment is:

a.schematic knowledge.

b.procedural knowledge.

c.declarative knowledge.

d.episodic knowledge.


49. Katilyna then successfully solves the problem. The term that best describes the kind of knowledge that Katilyna is demonstrating in solving the problem is:

a.mnemonic knowledge.

b.episodic knowledge.

c.declarative knowledge.

d.procedural knowledge.


50.Sets of interconnected ideas, relationships, and procedures in long-term memory are often called:






51.The number of relationships that a new item of information has to other items of information in long-term memory gives us an indicator of the new information’s:






52.The meaningfulness of a schema describes:

a.the extent to which the schema can be visualized in sensory memory.

b.the extent to which the schema can be rehearsed in working memory.

c.the extent to which learners have conditional and procedural knowledge related to the schema.

d.the extent to which its elements are interconnected in long-term memory.


53.A music student misinterprets the line names of the bass clef because of his understanding of the line names in the treble clef. According to the model of human memory, which of the following is the most likely reason why the misconception persists?

a.The student’s sensory memory is overwhelmed.

b.The student is not motivated to learn music.

c.The misconception is embedded in an existing schema.

d.The information about the treble clef never became encoded into the learner’s long-term memory.








54.You want your students to understand the relationships between Marco Polo’s trip to the Far East, the Crusades, the Portuguese exploration around the tip of Africa, and Columbus’s voyage to the new world. If after learning about the separate events, the students can successfully describe the relationships, the best description of what they have learned is:

a.a meaningful schema.

b.four different types of procedural knowledge.

c.a body of rehearsed knowledge.

d.a combination of rehearsed and procedural knowledge.


55.Marcos, one of your history students comments, “The French and Indian War in the mid 1750s was so costly for the British that they started imposing heavy taxes on the American colonies, which contributed to the American Revolutionary War that started in 1775.”

Simon, another one of your students, says, “Our book says The French and Indian Wars in the Americas lasted from about the mid 1750s to the early 1760s. The Revolutionary War started in 1775 and went to 1783.”

Which of the following statements best describes the difference in the meaningfulness of Marcos’s and Simon’s schemas?

a.Marcos’s schema is more meaningful than is Simon’s, since it describes relationships in information.

b.Simon’s schema is more meaningful than is Marcos’s, since it also includes the ending date of the Revolutionary War.

c.Marcos’s schema is more meaningful than is Simon’s, since it is stored in his long-term memory.

d.Simon’s schema is more meaningful than is Marcos’s, since he got the dates of the wars from his textbook.


56.The fact that students organize the information they study in the form of schemas has important implications for teaching.  Which of the following is the most important implication of this fact?

a.Students should be presented with relationships among ideas as well as the ideas themselves.

b.Students should be allowed the discover ideas on their own.

c.Students should only be presented ideas that can be illustrated with concrete materials.

d.Students should be encouraged to rehearse items in the same form they’re presented.


57.We represent knowledge for events as a particular form of schemata referred to as:








Use the following information for items 48 and 49.
Mrs. Shaw : 1200716

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