Use the following information for items 54 and 55. Felicita shopping : 1200744

Use the following information for items 54 and 55.
Felicita shopping : 1200744.


Use the following information for items 54 and 55.


Felicita is shopping for a computer, so she compares prices of different computers and then decides to buy the one that is least expensive.

Alfredo wants to know how long it will take him to drive from New Orleans to San Antonio.  He knows they are about 500 miles apart, and he thinks he can average 60 miles an hour, so he estimates that he can make the drive in a little more than 8 hours.

Karl is building a roof over his deck, which is shaped like a trapezoid. He looks up the formula for finding the area of a trapezoid and then calculates the number of square feet of lumber that he will need.

Matt has been assigned a research paper in his English class. He first decides on a topic that is interesting to him. He then goes to the Internet and other sources to gather information about the topic. He then creates an outline that will guide him as he writes the paper.


54.The individual who best illustrates using an algorithm in solving his or her problem is:






55.The individual who best illustrates using a heuristic in solving his or her problem is:






56.Which of the following is true regarding experts when problem solving?

a.Experts don’t need to plan before attempting solutions.

b.Experts see problems as isolated pieces.

c.Experts focus on the mechanics of solving problems.

d.Experts possess automatic knowledge.


Use the following information for items 57 and 58.


Four teachers are observing a classroom that is very orderly and appears to be functioning almost like a well-oiled machine.

Mary comments, “This class sure is good.  The students are really paying attention.”

Phil notes, “The teacher is very organized, and her instruction is very effective.”

Jan observes, “The teacher is doing a good job, but she should have gone back and stood near the student (in reference to a student who wasn’t paying attention) instead of calling on him.

David says, “The teacher seems to do a good job of enforcing her rules.”


57. The teacher whose comment indicates the highest level of expertise is:






58. The teacher whose comment indicates the least high level of expertise is:









59.Which of the following is not a characteristic of deliberate practice?

a.Task analysis provides learners with an effective hierarchy of what to practice.

b.Practice provides opportunities for learners to repeatedly perform similar tasks.

c.Instruction takes learners’ background knowledge into account.

d.Feedback informs learners about errors and how to improve performance.


60.Which of the following is not considered to be an effective way to develop students’ problem-solving abilities?

a.Reinforce students’ use of the algorithm.

b.Present a variety of examples.

c.Capitalize on social interaction.

d.Provide scaffolding.


61.The concept of scaffolding is most associated with the work of:

a.B. F. Skinner.

b.Lev Vygotsky.

c.Jean Piaget.

d.Albert Bandura.


62.Which of the following is not an effective strategy for providing scaffolding to teach problem solving?

a.Analyzing worked examples

b.Visually representing problems

c.Developing lessons with questioning

d.Emphasizing the importance of right answers


63.Worked examples are primarily a benefit to learners who:

a.lack self-efficacy.

b.lack experience with the procedure.

c.lack motivation to solve problems.

d.lack contextualized knowledge.




Use the following information for items 54 and 55.
Felicita shopping : 1200744

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