Use the following information for items 69-75. A DISCUSSION OF RULES 1.  : 1200575

Use the following information for items 69-75.
1.  : 1200575.


Use the following information for items 69-75.




1.  Ken, a fourth-grade teacher, stopped by Washington Middle School the first day of school in August to pick up Sandra, his wife, who teaches seventh-grade life science.

2.  “Well, how was your first day?” Ken smiled.

3.  “Good,” Sandra responded with enthusiasm. “I’m ready for them this year.  I started right off with my rules, and I’m going to be sure that I get the year off on the right foot.”

4.  They began discussing rules in more detail, and Sandra suggested, “Look in my briefcase.  I have a copy of them in there.”

5.  Ken took out the list, which appeared as follows:

1.Do not speak until recognized by the teacher.

2.Do not leave your desk without permission.

3.Do not laugh, make fun of, or in any way react to another student’s answer.

4.Keep hands and all other body parts to yourself.

5.Be prepared and ready when class begins.

6.  “My rules are about the same,” Ken nodded, “except I have one about bringing materials to class every day, and I don’t have your third and fourth ones.”

7.  “I knew I would need them, so I decided to come prepared.  I brought them with me,” Sandra continued.

8.  “I learned from last year’s experience,” she added. “I’m going to cut that stuff off before it starts this year.”

9.  “I know one thing I’m doing,” Ken added.  “I’m going to discuss and go over my rules every day until I’m sure the kids understand and won’t forget them. Last year I was a little sloppy with that.”

10.  “Good idea,” Sandra went on.  “I did that last year, and it really helped.  Every time they broke a rule, I stopped the class for a moment and we discussed it, and they had another example to think about.  Gradually, they got better.”

11.  “I told them today,” she explained, “that part of the reason we were in school was to learn to respect each other and treat each other decently, and our rules would help us learn to do that.”



69. Look at Sandra’s first three rules.  Write one specific criticism of these rules based on the instructional principles for preparing effective rules discussed in the chapter.


70. Look at Sandra’s comment in paragraph 7 of the example.  Evaluate this comment using the guidelines for preparing effective rules as the basis for your evaluation.


71. Look at Sandra’s fifth rule.  Evaluate this rule using the guidelines for preparing effective rules as a basis.


72. How does Sandra’s comment, “I knew I would need it,” in reference to her third and fourth rules, and Joe’s lack of a similar one relate to our discussion of developmental differences in students?


73. Critique Sandra’s fourth rule using the guidelines for preparing effective rules.


74. Identify the guideline best illustrated by Sandra’s comment beginning with, “And we work on it all the time. . . .”


75. How did Sandra’s comment in the last paragraph illustrate one of the guidelines for preparing effective rules?




Use the following information for items 69-75.
1.  : 1200575

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