Use the following information for items 86 and 87. We call : 1200706

Use the following information for items 86 and 87.
We call : 1200706.


Use the following information for items 86 and 87.


We call information to get a phone number we can’t find in the phone book.  We repeat the number a few times until we dial the number and then later forget it.


86.  The process of repeating the number a few times, dialing it, and then forgetting it best illustrates:

a.retaining the information in working memory through rehearsal.

b.retaining the information in sensory memory through rehearsal.

c.retrieving the information from long-term memory through proactive facilitation.

d.finding meaning in the stimulus through perception.


87.The next day, even though we haven’t thought about it, amazingly we remember the number.  Which of the following is the best explanation for why we remember?

a.It was retained in sensory memory.

b.It wasn’t screened out by experience or expectations.

c.It has somehow been retained in working memory.

d.It was encoded in long-term memory.


88.Nancy remembers the date of the signing of an international peace treaty because the date of the signing happened to fall on her birthday. Of the following, the factor that most relates to her ability to remember the date is:





Use the following information for items 89 and 90.


You want your students to memorize multiplication facts, and you choose to use flash cards in the process. They have had concrete experiences with the facts, and you are now trying to make their knowledge automatic.


89.The primary strategy learners’ generally use when using flashcards is:






90.The primary reason we would use this strategy illustrated by use of flashcards is to facilitate:

a.perceptual processing to assist cognitive efficiency.

b.automaticity to reduce cognitive load.

c.attention to enhance encoding.

d.retrieval to facilitate effective long-term storage.


91.Which of the following is not a strategy for promoting meaningful encoding?






92.Joan Williams begins each of her biology classes by writing an outline on the board that identifies the topics to be covered in the day’s lesson.  As each is presented and discussed, she refers the students to the outline and what will be discussed next.  Of the following, Joan’s procedure best illustrates an attempt to utilize which of the following to aid her students’ encoding?






93.When we expand on existing schema by adding new knowledge, we are most directly engaging in which of the following strategies for promoting meaningful encoding?






Items 94-96 are related.


94.John meets a great girl at a party.  She gives him her e-mail address.  He really wants to follow up with her, so he says the e-mail over and over in his head.  John is illustrating __________ to combat the limits of __________.

a.rehearsal, sensory memory

b.chunking, working memory

c.rehearsal, working memory

d.elaboration, working memory






95.Bill also meets a great girl at a party, and she gives Bill her e-mail address, which is   Bill               imagines taking the girl with him to a Dairy Queen.  Bill is illustrating ___________ to promote ________.

a.rehearsal, working memory

b. organization, encoding

c.elaboration, sensory memory

d.elaboration, encoding




Use the following information for items 86 and 87.
We call : 1200706

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