Use the following vignette for items 58 and 59. Jackie a : 1200671

Use the following vignette for items 58 and 59.
Jackie a : 1200671.


Use the following vignette for items 58 and 59.


Jackie is a fifth grader at Landmark Elementary School—a school near an affluent neighborhood in a suburb of a major city.  Jackie, who lives with her divorced mother—a high school dropout with a steady job as a minimum wage housekeeper—has a limited experiential background.  In a discussion of the “Old West,” for example, she asked what a saddle horn was, as Mrs. Markham talked about the western saddles the cowboys used.  Also, she had never heard of the wild turkey, thinking of turkey as what we eat on Thanksgiving.  However, Jackie “picks up” new ideas in class more quickly than most of her classmates, and she periodically asks questions atypical of fifth graders, such as, “Wouldn’t our country be better off if some of the money we spent on war materials was spent on educating poor people instead?”


58.Based on the information in the case study, we would conclude that Jackie’s socioeconomic status is:

a.lower than that of her peers.

b.about the same as that of her peers.

c.higher than that of her peers.


59.  Based on information in the case study and research on school dropouts, if Jackie fits typical patterns for students with her background and socioeconomic status, which of the following is the most valid prediction?

a.She is much less likely to drop out of school than is a typical classmate.

b.She is slightly less likely to drop out than is atypical classmate.

c.The likelihood of Jackie dropping out is about the same as that of a typical classmate.

d.Jackie is more likely to drop out than is a typical classmate.


60.Marcella’s mom graduated from high school, beauty school, and got a job in a salon.  The two, Marcella and her mom, live in an apartment that they rent and make do with her mom’s $19,000 yearly salary.  To which of the following socioeconomic classes does Marcella’s family belong?

a.Lower class

b.Working class

c.Middle class

d.Upper class


61.Which of the following best describes the percentage of families below the poverty line in the United States compared to other industrialized nations?

a.Much greater in the United States than in other industrialized nations

b.About the same in the United States as in other industrialized nations

c.Slightly less in the United States than in other industrialized nations

d.Much less in the United States than in other industrialized nations


62.Which tends to be true of students from lower socioeconomic status homes?

a.They have fewer school-related background experiences than students from higher SES backgrounds.

b.They are unable to learn in general education classrooms and usually are placed in classes for students with exceptionalities.

c.They tend to gravitate to activities out of the academic mainstream, such as sports, music, and art.

d.They tend to have more fully developed social lives than students from higher SES backgrounds.

63.Of the following, low SES parents tend to place the greatest emphasis on:

a.autonomy and initiative.

b.affiliation and sensitivity.

c.achievement and independence.

d.conformity and obedience.


64.  According to research, which of the following generalizations is the most accurate comparison of high- and low-SES parents?

a.In interacting with their children, low-SES parents are more likely to give reasons for their directions than are high-SES parents.

b.In interacting with their children, low-SES parents are less likely to give reasons for their directions than are high-SES parents.

c.In interacting with their children, low- and high-SES parents are equally likely to give reasons for their directions.


65.According to research, what is the most common characteristic of parents of high-achieving students?

a.The parents talk to their children about their expectations for achievement.

b.The parents restrict the number of extracurricular activities that their children are allowed to participate in.

c.The parents help their children with their homework.

d.The parents communicate with school officials to be certain that their children are not placed in classes beyond their ability.


66.The description “students who are in danger of failing to complete their education with a level of skills necessary to survive in a modern technological society” best describes which of the following?

a.Low-SES students

b.Cultural minority students

c.Students with ineffective learning styles

d.Students placed at risk


67.  Which of the following best explains why educators prefer the term at risk to the term underachiever?

a.The term underachiever suggests that an inherent deficiency exists in the character of the students.

b.The term at risk has the political advantage of being able to solicit increased school funding.

c.The term underachiever places an inappropriate emphasis on high grades and performance compared to others.

d.The term at risk more nearly describes the long-term consequences of school failure.




Use the following vignette for items 58 and 59.
Jackie a : 1200671

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