History Reading Quiz

The Aztecs erected rest-shelters along their highways so that travelers could relieve themselves in private and their waste could be collected.

The Qin Dynasty based its rule upon the philosophy of Confucius.

Which dynasty carried out public book burnings as a form of censorship against potential critics?

What best describes social and gender roles in the Aztec culture?

Which statement about Mayan religion is FALSE?

The “terra-cotta army” found in the tomb of Qin Shi Huangdi was there to accompany him on his journey to the next world

Although not technically rejecting aristocratic rule, Confucius believed that a primary basis for granting the right to participate in government should be

Which god retained a higher level of cognizance in the Aztec psyche than most of their other gods, due primarily to its tenth-century departure from the Valley of Mexico and promised future victorious return?

How did China’s landscape play an important role in shaping its history?

Scholars have revised their earlier beliefs about the Maya, now claiming that the Maya were

Cacao beans were used as currency by Maya people.

The crops most commonly cultivated by Eastern Woodlands peoples featured

The beginnings of civilization in China were

Where did the Maya civilization develop?

Which statement offers the most accurate depiction of the Aztec Empire?

All of these technological advances during the Zhou Dynasty helped stimulate food production EXCEPT the

In Aztec society, once a young man of noble status reached adulthood, he would

Han rulers embraced Legalism as their governing philosophy.

What do historians consider a defining characteristic of Chinese civilization?

What was an important item sold in Aztec markets that would not have been found for sale in European or Asian markets?

What enabled the Qin to subdue their main rivals and solidify their authority?

Which of these peoples created the most extensive land empire yet seen in South America?

Who famously wrote about the art of war?

The Inka king who began the conquests that led to the creation of their empire was

What was true of the great Inka empire?

Most of the currently standing Great Wall of China – which appears in popular photos — was

The archeological evidence of the presence of ball courts in Amerindian civilization centers is an indication that these societies

Inscriptions on ox and chicken bones or turtle shells were used for divination and to communicate with the gods.

In early Chinese history, villages were organized by nuclear family units rather than by clans.

Which statement about the “five relationships” is FALSE ?

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