How do entitlement programs differ from other government programs?

How do entitlement programs differ from other government programs?. Entitlement programs are services that are provided by the federal government. These services are written into law. Entitlements can be broken up into two separate categories, contributory and non-contributory (n.d.). Contributory programs are paid for by the individual reviving the benefit. This usually comes as a tax or payroll deduction. Non-contributory programs are provided to anyone who qualifies regardless of what they have contributed.

Medicaid is a good example of a medical entitlement program. This program is provided that mostly assist low income families with the cost of health care. Medicaid is considered a Non-contributory program because the beneficiaries don’t have to pay into the program to receive benefits(n.d.). Medicaid can be thought of as government provided health insurance to people that don’t have the financial means to access insurance on their own.

Medicare is a medical entitlement program that assists elderly people afford health care. This program is being funded by taxation of income. It is required for all Americans to participate in this program. Since everyone is paying into the program it is considered a contributory program(n.d.). The only way to Medicare in the future is to prove that you paid into the program.

Unlike other government programs entailment programs are considered a human right. These rights have been written into federal law. Like most federal programs these benefits are not free from debate. The argument is usually about the amount spent on the programs. Sixty percent of the national budget is spent on entailment programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid(U.S. 2019)


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What is a government entitlement program? Provide an example of a healthcare entitlement program. How is it typically funded? How do entitlement programs differ from other government programs?

A government entitlement program helps take care of our elderly, the disabled, and those individuals who cannot afford health insurance. Those programs include Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. We are in desperate need of modernizing and reforming these programs so that there is a greater impact on every citizen. We have to not only focus on the present but the future of our seniors. If we don’t work on these programs “they will consume every dollar the government collects”. There will be no money left over to improve our schools, defend our country from its enemies, clean our environment, or repair roads and bridges (US Chamber of Commerce, 2013). We especially need to work on these programs because Americans are living longer and require more benefits. Entitlement programs do not fund themselves. One way they are funded is through trust funds. Social securities fund will be diminished in 3 years; by 2033, it will not be able to pay full benefits. Medicare Part A will be bankrupt in 13 years. If we had to pay the cost to make up these deficits, our country would go bankrupt. Absent reform, the situation will soon require either economy-crushing new taxes or painful benefit cuts in the programs—or both (US Chamber of Commerce, 2013). Money is even being pulled from other parts of the budget, but that can only last so long. There are several types of reform that are available—“adjustments in payments, benefits, eligibility, administration, and coverage”. Other government programs, like Welfare programs, are funded by the federal government and then Congress can reduce the funds. The difference between entitlement programs and other government funds is that “the Welfare programs are based on a families income”. Entitlement programs base eligibility upon prior contributions from payroll taxes (Amadeo, 2019). Some examples of Welfare programs include Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, housing assistance, and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs.

How do entitlement programs differ from other government programs?

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